Person thinks they're Azazel's Wife (more info inside + a question)

So like the title says I’m currently chatting with someone who genuinely believes they are Azazel’s ONE AND ONLY WIFE. (even at the slim chance that is true this person is non-binary so it still doesn’t make sense to call themself his wife :woman_facepalming:) I had started out asking them questions about Azazel’s temperament. After some time I asked about “the children of Azazel”, and this came up.
So I told them there is a site where people are saying he’s into BDSM and they are his submissives (a post here, but they never asked for the link so I never gave it to them.)
As this post implies I’ve yet to work with him, but even then this just sounded fishy.

How the flying fudge monkey is that supposed to work?

Spiritual marriage is a thing, and has been since time immemorial. It’s basic operating procedure for traditional shamans the world over. However, it is very improbable this person you chatted with is Azazel’s only wife.

Azazel gets around. Most of the demon kings do. People just love that demon dick.


For what I read here, doesn’t seem like any spirit is monogamous. At all. So yeah.

But be aware: this person may BELIEVE what they’re saying, therefore they are not liars. Just… something else.


Delusional. I believe that’s the word you were looking for.


One thing to remember is that spirits are multidimensional, which is why a million magicians can evoke the same spirit at the same time all over the world and each be successful.

I see spirits as sort of holographic. Each magician gets an aspect of the whole energy that equals Azazel, but that aspect contains all that Azazel is.

Therefore, this person’s aspect of Azazel is theirs alone, but they are not the sole spouse of the energy that is Azazel, if that makes sense.


When you say it like that, it does makes sense. BUT (don’t you hate that word? Me too), but, at the same time, 100 other people can say the same. And all of them will be right. So there are all married to spirit X, therefore, there is no single spouse. I’m saying this following what OP said: this person doesn’t think there is one aspect of Azazel they’re married to; they think nobody else is married to Azazel.


Generally it’s best to just drop those crazies like a hot potato. This always leads to some sort of prophet-complex where they honestly think only they are correct and have the secret knowledge of this entity and everyone else is crazy. Absolute schizo.

My wife ran into a woman exactly like this a while back who claimed to be the one and only human consort/wife of Anubis. She was completely delusional.


Yes, they are wrong. They are not the only spouse of the energy that is Azazel. That’s pretty much a given.

I think it is just a way for them to feel special, in the same way that we get delusional people coming to this forum proclaiming themselves to be the one and only avatar of Lucifer, Azazel, Belial, Lilith, Satan, Gabriel, and (insert your favourite Big Name here).

They don’t take it well when you tell them to go sit in the corner with the other dozen or so Lucifers and Liliths and Azazels lol


Okay, that made my day, so thank you for that.

I think I want to be Superman’s avatar. I mean, I would be the Dark Knight, but I believe it is already taken.


This is one of the major things I must dislike about this forum. The utter closed mindedness of this very topic. I think its a joke we get ANY right to making claims on sanity.

Give me a fucking break. Balg itself is insane. If anyone wants to make a claim like that whom the fuck am I or YOU to say otherwise?

Accepting these claims. Who cares. Dealing in magic was/is pushing one’s sanity.

Why should anyone believe in you or what anyone claiming with magic?

I love the absurd lines you all make. What a joke.


If the OP is referring to a certain woman on this BALG forum that says that she is Azazel’s queen (and lover), I would not doubt her.

Fair warning.


What if they hire someone to administer their spiritual marriage? Would it be the seller’s aspect?

That doesn’t make sense, dude.

In order for the marriage to take place, both parties would have to agree, which means some form of communication would have to take place, and the facilitator would simply be the go between.

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Yes I know. I am talking about if the person channels Azazel. would he be talking to the aspect he normally works with? Would that not mean that the person is marrying the aspect that the seller talks to?

Someone made a few accounts on here and got banned for doing that and getting quite obnoxious.

People with spirit spouses run the gamut from perfectly normal (it’s an ancient tradition, I am married to a spirit myself and I know many others on here are as well) to, let me tactfully word it, people who are externalising a large amount of their personal psychological quirks into the model of the spirit they are married to.

I won’t try to call whether it’s valid magickally in any situation, because a lot of good magicians are really a bit mental, but be careful about taking anything they say as The One & Only Truth™ - all of the nuttier and more violent religions came about because one person claimed to be able to speak for some sacred being.

I mean that was kind of covered above but it’s generally worth repeating. :man_shrugging:


Personally, I’m no expert on marriage between people and spirits, as I only have one mate. There are many here who have relationships with spirits in that aspect, which is more than okay. I personally view it as the same as Gnosis. It doesn’t really matter how I take it, as it is between them and the spirit, not my own practice. It would be interesting to chat with Azazel on the subject though, so perhaps it could be something you could explore.

Edit: this thread does inspire me to evoke my wife’s godself and get to know her on that level though.

Do you not understand my holographic inference? In a hologram, every piece contains the whole. In the case of a channel, they would be channelling the whole energy that is Azazel.

Your question makes it seem like you think every aspect is a separate piece, and it’s not. Besides, a channelling isn’t an evocation.

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IMO it’s this bit which is improbable:


We share very little of our realities with others. I believe what people tell me, at least I believe they believe it. No absolute truth exists. You must find your own truth.

When peoole tell me they are xyz spirit or married to whomever I tend to believe it, but with a grain of salt. Sure they believe it but that does not mean it is my reality. It does not mean they have no power or knowledge. One of my friends genuinely believes he is satan and has a very conplex cosmology to explain everything. A lot of it is bullshit but some of it really has resonated with me in ways i have to respect.

What does make me question some validity though is when a person claims absolute knowledge or power but lives in a shithole or their body is deteriorating. If you cannot take care of your most base functions but declare yourself as a god I doubt your skill.


Hiya OP! Azazel’s kind of a whore so the most unlikely part of your post is the claim to being his only wife. Then again, I’m not sure why everyone automatically assumes their azazel is the ‘correct’ one; just like people and animals can share names and respond to being called by their identifiers, demons and other spirits can share identifiers despite being sometimes completely different creatures. You never know what the truth is! It’s usually not what you assume, though. :slight_smile: