"Permission" to Curse...? Kind of Confused Here

This is a detail that I’ve only heard of recently, and it’ got me in a bit of a long dazed period of contemplation. I’m having a bit of trouble rapping my head around it and was hoping for some clarification.

I’ve heard from a few people, here and there, form all sorts of places, that in order to throw a curse upon an enemy, one must get permission from… something? It wasn’t exactly clear.

I’ve heard you need permission from the spirits associated with that person - assuming of course that person even practices or is in contact in the first place.
I’ve heard you must get permission from the spirit you’re calling upon that it’s okay, and that they agree with it… assuming you’re using a spirit. This one kind of makes sense, but if they don’t agree, then why not just thank them for their time and then get your own hands dirty?
If you’re not using a spirit, would it be the power of magick itself you’d need permission from? How would that work? Is right and wrong not subjective, especially to magick and the universe itself?

If this is how I’m understanding it, it seems to be a big part of curse-working… and isn’t nearly brought up as much as it should be (IMHO), especially in writings and grimoires aimed at beginners; how are they suppose to be aware of that? I’d imagine they’ll end up hurting themselves if they don’t know what seems to me like a very crucial detail!

I guess I’m just confused on this factor of curse-working, as I’ve sparsely heard of it and am wondering if it’s a important step and how important exactly the step itself is.

To get spirits on your side is one thing, but to require permission from them like children, and not Gods with will and intent, “can I go curse the bad people pwease” just isn’t clicking in my head, and I really want to understand it. If someone needs to pay, they need to pay; why would it matter what else anyone or anything thinks otherwise of the situation?

Thanks everyone!


You dont need permission but as someone who walks a predatory path, I will offer some advice a friend once said.

Hunts are planned. Trying to attack anything and everything will get you killed at best. Some higher powers sometimes have to be bargained with or outright subdued.

This is true. But there are also natural personal shields too. That is where vampirism is helpful. Everyone has a conscious and unconscious court of protectors regardless of their crimes and if they’re worth anything, will fight tooth and nail to stop your attack.

So no, you don’t need permission. You need them to move.


This is also why you want to make friends.


But on the other hand, you can still cast a curse and have it be successful.


Now that makes sense; Also never thought of it this way, as a hunt. I actually was invoking a spirit not too long ago about the true ways of fighting, of warriors - i suppose hunting would be included; the synchronicity in this regard is astounding. Thank you for your response, I greatly appreciate it!

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Sort of. It makes things alot easier. For example if you want to curse certain people then you will need to submit a form to a certain spiritual heirarchy where an Investigation the equivalent of an indepth FBI investigation will commence. There is a heirarchy of review before it reaches the final person…The Judge whom decides whether your curse or magickal spell has been approved. lol

At this point, “trackers” will be placed upon all your magick and your mind and soul to track every single aspect of movement to make sure all guidelines are adhered to.

Joking aside, getting permission is like getting your foot in the door. Other than that you have to face an army and better have the backup of an even bigger army, because depending on who it is your cursing some individuals even if they seem like normal people have alot of backup.


So it’s more of a recommended course of action than a necessary one?

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A permission slip from Satan? It all depends on the casting. Any deity you call upon will not only not agree to spell work but will also want to know your reasons for your casting in particular if it is for baneful work.

I have thrown a few curses and a few serious hexes, i even created a blood soaked poppet pinned with a photo of the victim and a nice rhyming incantation that was thrown back at me.

The reasons i was given from two major deitys was that once you start casting for harm and revenge it becomes endless and they would not want to continue to work with you endlessly casting for payback. Usually an agreement or pact is made in my case a certain deity agreed to three modified baneful castings and no more. If i decided to cast more than agreed to i would face serious consequences. The decision is yours…

The spirit that i invoked for affliction and more Marbas usually waits 24 hours before he will accede and gives an answer. I had some misgivings about the casting but i put much intensity into the spell.

What i found was that he would not accede and rendered some negative signs, a few things disappeared and a soap bottle was thrown at me while i was at the sink.


I suppose it would make sense from a cast-by-cast basis.

I always have had a question about the “certain # of doing this then no more” does the spirit usually mean never again, or just for it intended operation? Like in your example, if I do 3 baneful castings with the spirit, can I never come to them with a baneful casting ever again, or just for that scenario?

And if one decides to not have external spirits involved, how would that go about changing the situation? Thank you for your reply, btw!


I personally feel cursing is dumb in the end. You are just feeding entities your own life force. The one time I tried to curse someone my vampiric nature was fighting me to suck them dry instead of cursing them. It just left me sick with my own negative energies.

There are countless other ways of dealing with someone without having to call in other entities. My vampiric nature is such it will not allow such good meals good to waste. I have and will fuck people over.

Vamping people is much cleaner process.


I also noticed that my answer was a little all over the place. So I’ll paraphrase it, just in case.

Yes, it helps a lot, no you don’t have to appease them or subdue them. Something to keep in mind, is “does the crime fit the punishment?” For example, it is unnecessary to pluck a life because a man took your parking spot. Be sober and reasonable without being lost in such things.

Another pearl of wisdom, is the hunter’s best weapon in his arsenal is the trap. His allies are also of great use, because they’re sometimes (depending on what we’re talking here) accredited for knowing what they’re doing more than others. Hence, gods of war, famine, death, decay, the underworld, and the hunt, are good friends. But blood is also thicker than water. This is why every beginner i come into contact with, I set them up with their ancestors, because when you’re attacked and you don’t know it or even if you do, they will jump to your defense and help you fight your battle, in and out of magickal warfare. A secret some don’t know, is honoring your descendants, the cells and bones within your body, and your past lives can constitute and empower the same effects with your ancestors.

But I’m glad I was of help. You should also look into Carlos Castaneda If you’re interested in warriorship.


I’ve looked into Vampirism, certainly an interesting path! I’ve tried a few times to feed and use vampiric magic, but I just need to get my head wrapped around its mechanics for lack of a better word. I’m not quite grasping it at the moment, but i really want to. Thank you for the response!


It sounds like you’re in your head a lot, right?


Yeah… I’m a deep thinker, sometimes too much so to where I think but then forget to do lol


Mushin no shin. Mindlessness. Thinking before acting can be good, but overthinking wastes time and energy. Then you have no time to act, because you took your time thinking.

Be like water. It takes any shape. Clear your mind. Then do it, without trying to rationalize or comprehend everything. The experience itself may tell you enough. But be in the moment. Your mind is a good weapon but also a very self harming one.


You don’t have to vamp. Just learn how to cut people’s chakras and have them pour into the Earth. I saw these vile people at the gas station that deserved to be vamped, their energy was so nasty, I just cut their life cords and let it pour freely into the Earth. Thats me giving back.


I also really hope you look that up.


looking it up now, gonna dive into this


Wow, seems like a effective skill; most curse work I do does seem to be themed around bringing a balance, or giving back. I’ll look into this