Permanent Shapeshifting

Hi there it’s me again,

I’m 19 ever since I was quite young I am trying my full efforts to be attractive as I can to attract more especially girls who will notice how good looking I am but it was failed fast forward until my late teenage years currently I am still facing of having some sort of lacking of attraction in behalf of how I tried to make myself more appealing

Now I notice something which is pretty attractive on Instagram . I was imagining myself what if I would transmute my physical body to look similar to him same face same body shape absolutely transforming myself
just like him maybe more people will be drawn to me I will capture a lot of eyes whenever I walk across in the middle of nowhere

Is there any particular demons who can impart me an ability to permanently shapeshift myself into my desired looks ? I am very serious with my intent and I am trying to find which spirit could help me achieve that

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No. You’re a beginner in magick, so I’d advise you to get the Hollywood fantasy ideas out of your head, at least for now. You’re not going to obtain super powers, or physically shapeshift. It’s just not going to happen.

Even if you firmly believe that “anything is possible,” you literally have zero experience with magick and spirits, and you’re trying to fly before you can even crawl. If a spirit did impart such secrets to you, they would be utterly useless, because you just don’t have the skills or experience to actually use them.

What you can do, however, is start learning about glamour magick, and the Law of Assumption, which can directly influence how others perceive you. They’re a lot easier for a beginner than something from a fantasy novel.


Well, this happened to me a naturally in a way, I wasn’t as attractive a few years ago, then I started working with kundalini, mushrooms, DMT, Kambo, Bufo etc.

Some of them were gradual changes and others were almost instant, ive noticed the spirits that are in your DNA affect your appearance a lot, that’s something I’ve confirmed

I’d do lots of spiritual cleansing and DNA healing

I also qigong and breathwork and that really opens up the meridians

Also if you exercise, see yourself in the appearance you desire already so particles can take form accordingly. Shapeshifting is possible but it’s not permanent, it’s really based on your spirits and vibration


Hi there, I’m sorry to bother you. I ramdomly saw this post and I’m very curious, what is DNA healing about and what books or links do you recommend? It seems like a very interesting practice. Thanks in advance and have a nice weekend!

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