Permanent involuntary half-animal aura?

EDIT: sorry guys, just got the feeling that posting the stories were not a good idea, so I’ve removed them, but my question still stands, have any of you seen people who are stuck in a half animal form? Does anyone know what curse can force a half-animal form? I’m not sure it was the aura that was manipulated but from what I heard mundanes couldn’t see it so I just assumed.

I heard a story from someone who attended a vodou ritual in Haiti and they and everyone present saw the person’s astral body crossing their physical like this symbol +

Apparently the person had been through some very traumatic events and also cursed, though I’m not sure why.

I’ve seen people take on the stylised form of their “spirit animal” during shamanic training weekends, but that was voluntary and left when the work ended. That’s all I have on this but it indicates that it’s possible.

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The Loup Garou are a Makaya/Bizango thing so physical shifting isnt really something most people are going to speak much about. Ive had a few people tell me after a certain hour the countryside in Haiti falls silent because noise attracts them, but thats a pact from what I hear and not something you can ever return from or be cured or whatever because its a possession thing, the Sanpwel Soldiers are no joke. My experience with astral shifting was interesting, I opened a sigil for a specific entity and fell into a relaxed state while I was gaxing at it. Its one thing to imagine what it feels like but when you actually feel your astral body take the werewolf form its totally alien feeling. Afterward I went in the house and had a cup of coffee with my roommate nd I remember seeing my physical hand holding the mug but I could still feel the ling claw-finger like sensation and my senses were abnirmally sharp. I guess it retracted back to my normal astral shape eventually.