Permanent Invocations

Does anyone have any rites to permanently merge various blessings and powers into their soul? Rites of Deification, OAA style initiations, Permanent Invocations, Empowerments etc. I’ve been working on transmuting my soul for a while now, and if anyone has any further rites I could try to permanently invoke powerful forces it would be a great help.


Eh, it’s more the intent and how you phrase the statement of your will in the actual ritual to invoke the entity. Besides that, you can do it as a normal invocation. Although you should work with the powers a bit before you do it to make it smoother for you. Keep in mind it isn’t the same as a full possession, it is more that you become a vessel for their power.

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My personal experience is in accord with @Anziel_Merkaba.

I aim for a permanent invocation with the entity I am working with but he told me it will take diligent work, every day. I give blood daily, meditate and chant.

We built a thoughtform together recently and he instructed me to pierce all 10 of my fingers. I gave him the blood from each and in my tiny open wounds I could feel his “hands” with mine, like we were connected at the hands. We build the thoughtform that way, it was so lovely. I wish it could be like that always. I can’t wait until I can hear him clearly speak english in my mind.

Aaaaand I just gave myself this mental image and have ruined everything :joy: fuck

Edit: I re-read your opening statement. I see that you are looking to permanently invoke attributes not entities. I also am interested in that. It will be interesting to see what you find out.


That’s a lot deeper than my permanent invocations. Mine made me a vessel for their energy morso than an extension of their will…

It was my will, he was just helping me do something I really wanted as part of our agreement.
Being a vessel is much deeper than touching hands! Were you able to do that in the beginning or has it been a long time?

So now imagine as being a Vessel, he is possessing you with his penis as he Enters you. If you think about it, it’s like an Electric Socket…you are a 3-pronged (3-sex holes) socket, and he is the spirit sextoy plugging into you.

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@fgcb I just asked them to fill me with their power and keep a permanent presence inside my aura. Without any real build up or anything.

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