Permanent change in the climate

Has anyone heard of a case where a magician made a permanent change in the local climate?
For example, changing the local climate to be colder and receive annual snowfall where before it received only rain. It is understood that this would make changes in the local ecology.

Yes I was sick of the bad weather round these parts, so I made it sunny and hot for 3 months (the intention was for a couple of days lol). I guess when you do something like that it must cause a long temporary ‘shift’ in the climate or something, not really sure. Anyway after the heat past, it got cold. Really fucking cold. And we didn’t even have a ‘summer’ the season after that. Not that this is karma is anyway (as we all know my thoughts on that piece of crap), but more that I used up a portion of the total sunlight this region is ever going to receive in this timeline. And to balance that out, nature saw it fit to delete the next summer. If that makes sense.