Peripheral Visions


does anybody else see masses of grey, black, black with grey outline or white matter, blobs, spheres in their peripheral? sometimes a sparkle of light or a reversed out dot or point? the minute you turn your attention to it, they’re gone


Oh yeah, Dark Willow, most definitely! Those odd blurs of movement out the corner of your eye … those peculiar “where’d that come from? - oh wait, it disappeared!” From what I’ve read, heard & experienced myself MOST people do. And most people explain it away. I think they’re just flashes - peeps, if you will, of the ever-present nonphysical dimension that is right along side the physical one. Most of us only CAN see them in periphery. I believe you’d have to want to see, and practice toward that end to increase your sight … except for those who seem to be natural, inherent Seers of that frequeny. :wink: Z




its totally normal when it first started happening to me it was terrifying and made me believe my house was haunted but you get use to it after a while i still watch the black shadows swirl and spin around my room at nite but the ones that really mess with my mind are the shadowy human silhouettes those still make my hair stand up. does anybody know what it means when you scry into the darkness and see a brite white-blue star that seems to be about 6 feet away and kind of fades in and out of reality i try to will it closer but nothing happens i thought it might be the beginning of a vision but i have successfully scryed before and it usually starts with a white smoke any ideas ?


is it a small sparkle? that just sparkles briefly and then disappears? because when i scry in the darkness or anywhere really i begin to see a sparkle or a reversed out hologram looking dot or point in my direct frame of vision but like you say, six feet away or more


ok youve seen it to so what the hell is it ? in my younger days in different rituals i would notice it growing at one time ive seen it grow into a giant 3 foot diameter orb but it would remain a brite white blue light


well it told me that it is the starting point. the beginning. the spark of existence. and that it is actually a worm hole that you can go through and see anywhere you want because it knows the heart and minds of all


I see and feel entities when I try to meditate. It makes it very hard to relax and slip into a trance because I’m only just starting out and these things freak me out a little.

As for as these shadow beings, E.A talks about them a little in Evoking Eternity. He recons they’re nothing to worry about…But if your so inclined you may use them for your benifit. He says that 1 or 2 are weak, but when you get a shit load of them together working for you, they can cause some damage. Maybe they’re just eager for your orders!