Performing mind rituals?!?

I read about many authors who claim the effect of pure mind rituals in our “astral temple” can be more direct than classic magick.

So we have to perform the whole ritual as we would in the physical ?

Does it at to be live at first person? Third person?

Does our physical body have to be still?


Do you have a established cultivated astral body and kingdom in the first place?


Well from my experience, doing rituals like that in the astral happens instantaneously, like you get rid of the nitty gritty details, it’s hard to explain, but both work, the astral is a relative space, so anything works as long as you say it does, especially if it’s your own temple


I work with the concept of astral temple since many months and i noticed it changed form other the time.

(Like it has one form for 2 months and changes after that.)

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Traditionally, astral magick is performed as you would do it in the physical world, from the first person perspective.

No, though it does help in the beginning. When you are adept at astral magick, you can perform a ritual while walking down the street.

The astral is constantly in flux, so your temple will change itself until you have it firmly established.


So lets say i want to work on image/poppet in the astral… I have to prepare it like i would do, charging it with astral magick and going back to it many times a day to keep the magick going?

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