Performing Love Spell Several Days in a Row?

What happens if you perform a love spell like 3-4 days in a row while the moon is mostly full?

Does it get more powerful? What happens, if while you’re sleeping, you keep imagining the intimate, passionate interaction with the other person? Even though it’s not part of the spell, does the imagination have a big impact on the other person?

Something is telling me that she’s been all over my Facebook page, as if she’s interested…lol

There are Magick/Sorcery systems such as “The New Avatar Power” where spellwork is performed daily for the same intended result until the goal is achieved/actualized. However, in your situation there’s only one way to find out is to do it and see the results. If you are thinking along those lines then trust it’s either your intuition or spirit influence or both at work telling you what to do to manifest your desire into reality.

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I agree with previous comment.
Do what you think is right, then it will work. If you fell like you should be perfoming spell everday, then do it, because it’s working.

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