Performing a real exorcism that actually works

Hi everyone, I recently posted an ad on the internet saying that I can help people that are being possessed or attacked by black Magick, and I am being flooded with replies. I have experience on exorcising my own demons and I have survived curses and countless dark nights but I’ve never helped anyone with the same problem. My question is this, I’m a practicioner of Vodoun so, if I perform a ritual asking Papa Legba or Erzuli to heal and protect my clients, can and will this work? Or can anyone enlighten us on how to properly perform an exorcism.?Thank you

Let me get this straight. You publicly claimed to be able to exorcise people, but you have never actually done so?


An exorcism is a forceful removal of an invading consciousness. It generally involves invoking the Most High (whatever your personal concept of that is), and then commanding the entity by that authority. It is a test of wills.


I’ve exorcised my own demons, and you have to start somewhere right? It’s not like you can learn exorcism at church, so it’s a trial and error situation I am in. And I’m passionate in helping people that are going through what I went through

What you did was basically lie about your abilities. You told desperate people you could help them, even though you actually can’t.

Exorcisms are not easy, and I’m sorry, but dealing with your own inner demons is not in any way on the same level.

An exorcism is basically a brawl, your will against that of the spirit, and depending on the strength of the entity you are dealing with, it can have great consequences for the person that is possessed. Even the church, only undertakes them after all other avenues have failed.


It’s fraudulent to claim to be able to help people, charge them for it and not actually have a clue if you can. You’re basically scamming them.

I’d suggest you do the work free and build up experience and some testemonials and references first.

Also it’s not just about clearing the person. Let’s say it works… These entities will jump to the next available person, and that could be you, a family member, a friend, or it just waits and goes right back… and now you pissed it off and made things worse.

You shouldn’t mess with this before you get experience, you could really hurt people.


Except that you’re still struggling, by the looks of it in your other thread where you think high level daemonic kings routinely hurt you to do the work.

I’m not sure you’re in the clear as far as parasitic infestation goes, or in how you set your intention to control your eorkings.

If that’s true, and it might not be, it’s just a concern to watch out for, your parasites can also affect your clients. They could even be what’s urging you to find clients before your ready so that they can get a good feed.


First of all, I never said I was charging, don’t get me wrong, if the exorcism works I do expect to get paid, but for now I’m doing it for experience. And I don’t lie about my abilities, I’m also a Shaman, someone adept in healing, and so far some of my clients are being healed and their symptoms reduced by applying some of my methods, methods I used on my myself to get healed, wich no one taught me expect the spirits themselves.

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The mind should be healed before an exorcism, imo.


And yet you still suffer by the hands of the demonic kings.

You are defenetly not ready to try to help others get rid of their demons.

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Don’t call them clients then. Be clear that you haven’t tried it before but your going to do your best.

I get the wounded healer aspect, but my impression based on your posts so far is you have a lot going on you need to get straight before you experiment on others.

Stick to healing, and take baby steps as you are guided, and don’t advertise that you can do exorsisms when you have no clue if you can or not.

Side note: we have a rule here that you can’t offer services here on balg until you’ve been active and shown you’re trustworthy for 90 days. Just so you know. Please don’t pm anyone here offering anything, free or otherwise.

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So according to y’all throwing words at a possessed person is going to command the spirit to go away? I think that only occurs in the movies, this is real life folks.

No one has said that a exorcism is like in the movies.

A part of an exorcism is the person that preforms an exorcism has to be strong and be able to face forces that are powerfull.

What we have seen from your post this far is that you are in lack for better word weak and that you actully is not ready to face demons and we point it out to you.

So after surviving thousands of dark nights, suicide, possessions, psychosis and trials I am weak… I might be deteriorated and weakened but weak, me?

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Not once was that ever said. Most of the work done in an exorcism is done non-physically, in the spiritual and mental realms. As I said, it is a contest of wills between you, and the spirit. It’s a type of magical combat, where you have to force the entity to acknowledge your greater authority over it, and then accept your command to leave.

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I think we already established that you dont know what a dark night of the soul is.

I said that the term weak was used in lack of a better word (Im not a native english speaker so sometimes I just cant figure out better words)

Well if you have been weakend then you are not as powerful as you might think you are, your struggles with the demonic kings prove this. If you had been powerfull then you would have just walked through it and understood what it was for.

I get it, but how exactly is it done.? By performing a ritual in the name of the patient to banish the negative entities or how?

L-ip, just because I ask about what the Dark night is like don’t assume I haven’t been through it. I haven’t walked the streets naked covered in blood like Dante abiel but I have, just to give an example heard hundreds of voices at the same time, hallucinated by talking to images in my mind and walls, and I’ve wandered and slept in the streets and alleyways surrounded by cock roaches and covered in my own urine, because my body would discharge because of the fear I felt. I was wondering, what do you know about real darkness?

Anyone else want to enlighten us on exorcisms?

A couple spirits have said it is rare and usually not possiblefor humans to be able to exorcise things themselves, without any assistance. We’re just “not wired” to do so properly on our own and without the aid of tools and/or spirits. I’ve tried on a few occasions, but it usually does more harm than good trying to do it alone, especially if you’ve got a higher entity doing the possessing. If the entity is merely attached and not embedded in the individual, it gives the exorcist a little more ability to handle the spirit on their own, though some skill in energetic projection, astral ability, and a cutthroat attitude is, in my opinion, needed to tussle properly

As far as exorcising in general, usually a spirit is called or a current of power is absorbed in able to do the work. Christian exorcism features both of these, in the invocation of the Holy Spirit, and in the evocation of archangels and sanctified spirits via litanies and prayer. They combine these techniques with enchanted tools of the trade and tradition, increasing the efficacy of their exorcisms, for the most part. The deeper and entity is dug in, and the stronger it is determines how many exorcisms will be done in order to fully remove the entity. Often, they instruct the person with the affliction to invoke the Holy Spirit as well, and thus fight the battle on multiple fronts. As in many other workings, the faith and intent of the practitioner can either help or hurt the process.

As far as exercising with different entities, it can be done but you’ll have to negotiate with them. I’ve had entities refuse on the grounds of “I dont like that person.” Or “figure out another way, I don’t want to be called for this kind of work”. It depends on who you know, and what theyll do it for.

Unless your astral projection abilities are super kickass, or you negotiate with entities willing to do it properly, you’re not going to do exorcisms over the phone with some trash talk in Latin or whatever.


So if I perform a ritual asking Papa Legba or Erzuli to help the patient this can do more damage than good?