Performing 2 different meeting rituals

I really admire the angels and demon magic book, it works perfectly but whatever. Now my main question is, I like the girl I work with (okay I’m in love again😐)I only know her name, she has no picture, no Instagram, we are in constant eye contact but she did not take the first step even though I waited.

I know this person likes me so I’m not going to cast a love spell to lock her up forever we are in constant communication anyway, What I want from her is to give me her love so that I can pour out my feelings for her.

Let’s get to the point, first of all my astral senses are not developed, I usually rarely see a vision, mostly I feel their energy, Now I have chosen 2 demons and 2 angels for the meeting ritual, I will do them all at different times, for example at 4:00 PM I will call Sallos and Loviah and present my offer.And at 8 p.m. I will make the same offer to Jezalel and Beleth, I am open to suggestions for a different existence instead of Beleth, I will tell them to work without harming anyone.

Is it right, as 2 angels and 2 demons, to make the same offer to different beings at different times? I like to try different things. Like not to happen. Was there any other possibility? I have never been a meeting ritual.And I’ve done love spells with pictures before, usually the person I want to fall in love with has moved away or gone but that’s okay I don’t know how because I know their name I don’t have any pictures of them I don’t know the date of birth or the mother’s name I’m open to suggestions.

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