Performed Ritual but didn’t really feel anything

Ok so I performed the 2nd ritual from Demons of Magick and I don’t know how well I did and if it worked. This was my first time doing this ritual and there was a lot to remember, at one point towards the end when I was summoning the demon I messed up and forgot what to say at one point and had to fumble through my notes to find what to say and I feel like that is where I screwed up. That really destroyed the rhythm of the ritual and I don’t know if it worked after I did that. I would try it again but I don’t want to annoy the demon which is Dantalion. What do you guys think? Should I try again with one of the other 2 rituals In the book or do you think it’s fine how it is?

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Wait to see if there are any results. The author even says not to do a ritual over again, because that shows your doubt and mistrust.

I would wait two weeks for results to manifest before considering doing it over again.


Is it ok if I use more than one demon other than Dantalion? I see some people say they do that if there is a really complicated situation (which is what I have) and it’s fine to do while others say it’s not fine to do. What do you think since you seem like you know a lot about this?

What I’m dealing with is I’m trying to get back together with my ex and she’s currently dating this othet guy so I feel like that might count as a complicated situation.

I’m gonna wait and see how my results went with the first evocation with Dantalion first before trying, if its ok to use other demons aswell.

I used the same book and just like u kept forgetting what to say and had to look at notes and felt nothing , so after 2 weeks I just used the Sigil and enn of the same demon and wohooo felt the presence totally ! I feel that book makes things very complicated! Still waiting on results though !

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Yes, you can work with another demon, but I would recommend you give the spirit a different task towards the final goal.

For example, if your final goal is to get back with your ex, then, let’s say you tasked Dantalion with changing her mind towards you (just an example; I don’t know what you asked him to do).

While Dantalion is working towards that, you call another spirit, say, Duke Sallos, and task him with breaking up your ex’s new relationship.

So, you have Dantalion working on your ex, and Sallos is working on the relationship, all towards your final goal of reuniited with her.

As you can see in my example, instead of expecting one spirit to accomplish a complicated situation, you can break that situation down into parts, and choose a separate spirit for each part, with the same overall goal.

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I wouldn’t worry too much. Just practice it till you feel satisfied. All of this is just a tool to shift consciousness and it is your Higher Self that is always operating no matter how it seems. Don’t try to “feel” anything: just work it till you’re pleased and then forget about it.

I would suggest not to repeat the ritual for same purpose. If you not feel anything, it means that there is something wrong on it. Do study about it and try to find out a more simple ritual. If the ritual is complicated there are more possibilities to mistake. I would say that if the ritual is performed well, you will feel more pleasure and relax if not there will be some headaches as well as terrible back-pains which last for approx. 1 hour.

Anybody else have any suggested demons I should use for my situation, it would be greatly appreciated?

Regarding this, do you just felt the presence or experienced an actual contact where you hear or saw in your minds eye? Would appreciate if you elaborated on your experience. Cheers!

I’m still pretty new and can’t hear or see spirits , however I was sitting in front of a tv which was switched off and when I saw my reflection I saw my face as a man with a thin beard , I thought because I had been glazing at the demon Sigil for too long my eyes and mind are playing games but later I read on this forum about someone describing the same demons appearance as exactly what I saw ! The presence however was pretty strong and I have no doubt he was there !

How did you feel the presence? Just intuition? I think you should look into scrying because that’s what I presume happened. You scried into the tv reflection. Or maybe it was just an memory recalling back the entity you read about before. Interesting. Thanks for answering!

The Sigil flashed , I got light headed got goosebumps and the candle flame did something I’ve never seen before . I try not to read about entities appearance and others experiences too much as it affects my expectations so I had no idea what happened! I’m not ready to see them as yet it might get a little overwhelming for me at this point working on hearing them first !

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