Perfect Love Spell

The perfect love spell I performed thst worked:
I made the sigil of King Beleth and put blood on it and evoked Him. I asked for the perfect mate on every single level to manifest and I had NO ONE on my mind.

I the kept the sigil on my desk for a month just randomly gazing at it.

After that month I burned it and 4 months later I met her. Shes everything ive ever wanted in someone on ALL levels. Hail King Beleth

This is the least I could do to show my appreciation. Seriously do this, and you wont be disappointed!


Good for you


Man this is such an intelligent decision :fire::ok_hand:t3:

Personally I did try a few “open” love spells i.e. the ones which should be more successful, but (as with money) I wasn’t capable of waiting. Indeed, it may be a necessary mindset.

Good for ya mate. You actually gave me an idea. :wink:

Gonna try this thanks for sharing