People who overcome theta gamma after trouble i need advice

So I could state the theory of evocation frontwards and backwards. Left to right right to left. This amounts to NOTHING without the theta/gamma sync. So anyone who feels like they had to overcome this troubleor even if you know you can help please do.

Alright so I have little to know trouble with relaxation I notice I’m not pron to out of body experinces or anything but I don’t feel like I have trou me with relaxation. Maybe its because Ihave no idea weather I’m pulling back my vision enough also what does it feel like? How does the "static ring look like in you’re own words any help is appricated

Try this method Bran posted. :slight_smile:

I tried to follow E.A.'s advice when gazing at that spot: imagine that there’s a piece of glass or a window at a short distance of the wall and ceiling and imagine to gaze through that glass.

It’s an excellent trick and serves me well.[/quote]

Is that like straining your eyes , by looking up and holding it, because that’s part of the method for self hypnosis. Then you start telling yourself your eyelids are heavy and so on .

Thanks people who wrote in. I’ve tried various things, but I think I’m to busy analyzing things I really need to know what theta state feels like so I’m going to try some sleep depravasion I read some about it into another thread in the form. I’ll post to see if I got any results

On a side note does anyone have suggestions about which demon might be the best for a first sigil scrying attempt?

I almost get double vision at times I know it’s starting by bursts of color predominately violet crashing from the outside to the center of my vision then losing sight and it reappearing especially scrying I notice I’m seeing like with my eyes but I’m not I’ll snap out of it and it almost feels like I was blacked out you will realize your not seeing with your eyes anymore very neat. Havn’t opened any sigils in a while but use the same technique for everything. Magic worked so well when I started it that the workings kept me so busy that I dropped out for a bit to keep up brought lots of cash like lots! Not lottery or anything but doing things I love which is great, getting back on the horse now that things have slowed down. Hope your accent comes at a good pace.

Meditate, energy work, binaural beats, lots of videos on seeing auras…that gets you started. There are a ton of previous threads on this subject. Do a search and good luck!

Binular bats I found help with meditation it’s just finding the right ones out of one million