People from Europe and Germany


Hey guys, any Europeans and specifically Germans on here? I’d really like to get to know some of you.


I’m Belgian. Aber I spreche auch ein bisschen Deutsch. :slight_smile: Not fluent enough in German though to be having entire conversations about Magick…


Hey Kyra, I’ve been to Belgium a few times. Parle francais aussi.


Evidemment. :slight_smile: Been to Germany a few times myself, but then again, Belgium is the size of a hankerchief. An hours drive in any direction and you’re out of the country.

Bran is from Belgium too and there’s a French guy on here as well, can’t recall his name though.


Cool. Apparently europe is represented here…


European here. Although I’m of the Nordic race.


Nice to meet you guys.


UK here.


Also from the uk


What’s up guys!?


Central Europe here ( Slovakia ) ! :slight_smile:






German blood, born in Italy and live in the U.S. (regrettably) but have been all over Europe.


Uk here. Currently an Essex boy but only because I was forced! Scottish by background :slight_smile:


Juts hopped in, I am from the Netherlands.


Welcome Frank, My Northern Neighbour :wink:


:slight_smile: I live in Hungary


An other Belgian here! hi guys!!


Welcome! And now of course the one million dollar question: Flemish or Walloon? :wink: