Pentagram ritual,inside,?

Hello.are ya familiar whit a pentagram draw in floor/ ground rituals,etc,im learning but i got some qestions,like its a limit time,offering inside,using a white rope,etc,tanks,

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Those aren’t questions?

There are many variations of using pentagrams. As for drawing symbols or pentagrams and hexagrams inside the circle, that seems to be a common practice in many of the traditional grimoires. In those each different one has different methods.

Some people use embroidered silk. Others use ropes. Some use flour. There are so many variations that it’s hard to point to one particular method as being most common.

If I had to guess though, from the success of DMK’s Modern Magick I would say that projecting a mental or astral circle is most common, although pentagrams in that case are generally elemental and used int the four directions rather than in the circle directly.

Without knowing what you’re trying to accomplish it’s difficult to answer your question.