Pentagram rite and Sastan

This is my third day/night in working the devotion to the inverted pentagram. I began a few days ago by simply gasing at it. Watching the red lines morph,disappear,reappear, then flash an aura all around.

Today I began reciting the 2nd incantation in the course as I already experienced the first. I must admit there is way more strength in the 2nd once you fall into its awesome spell and power.

The previous days I only worked with the tarot. First whispering the incantation, performing a lite reading then closing with the same incantation. Tonight I began to use a black bowl filled with water and drew Sastan sigil on paper with a thick marker.

I began to gaze at the pentagram for awhile then moved my focus to Sastans’ sigil. The sigil itself began to quickly disappear and appear in the wink of an eye.

I moved my focus towards the bottom of the bowl. A mist filled the area and then I fell deeper and deeper. I requested Sastan to not only show me visions of spirits but also to bestow upon my the gift of clairvoyance and clairaudience to help with evocations.

I began to hear in my mind the voice of a woman. She kept on telling me she was there waiting for me to see her. I saw a woman in her thirties with long flowing hair. Then I saw what appeared to be a beast with large teeth very sharp and piercing eyes. A male voice came inside my mind speaking to me in a clam manner.

“I will teach you all there is to know of this art. Call upon me for eleven days and you will gain the sight.”

A few minutes ago I went online to confirm if what I experienced was indeed Sastan. I used some Gematria and this is what I received.

S + A + S +T + A + N = 11


Once again, thanx EA for bringing to life that which was dormant within me.

That’s brilliant. Let us know what happens after the eleven days please!