I found this on that website. Has anybody tried it or something similar to it? Please shed some light as im intrested in the Pentacle workings

creating and working with pentacles is relatively common. you could look into ceremonial magic or otherwise read the Keys of Solomon for the general idea of working with specific pentacles. Sacred-Texts has the entire Solomonic work available which has the steps on using them, as well:
Key of Solomon
Constructing the Pentacles

The by-the-book creating of a pentacle is a bit drawn out and most people use simpler methods, usually by using colored paper and drawing a pentacle in the hour and day of the angel, planet, etc that they’re associated with.

Balthazar’s Conjure on Youtube has a simple, easy to understand video on making your own, but this is just one of many potential methods:
How to Create Custom Seal
Drawing vs Printing Pentacles

There’s more out there than just the Solomonic seals/pentacles but they’re the more widely known ones.

involving your shared website’s recipe: Many people (myself included) create additional spells by using pentacles and associated ingredients (i.e. to keep this simple, Jupiter is associated with wealth, and one of its common ingredients is cinnamon, thus I would recommend using a Jupiterian pentacle and burn cinnamon over it to help draw money). Solomonic pentacles have prayers or verses drawn on them or used in addition to their conjuration, so like the website has their own special verses, you can make your own if necessary, or use the ones associated with a pre-existing pentacle. When making one, I usually use verses from the Bible, Paradise Lost, and other various texts. Usually pre-existing texts tend to have a lot of magic in them, canonical or not, but making your own isn’t bad either as that’s basically average witchcraft (in that ceremonial magic and witchcraft are often considered different magic, but the line can be very thin or blurry).

Hope that gives you something to go off of, and hopefully its not too confusing. :+1:


Wow. Thankyou. Im starting to read the links given.