Penny Divination

So I came across some threads where people have done penny divination…This guys did it with Satan apprently. So that’s cool…

My question is, does it truly work. It sounds to good to be true. Like you take 5pennies, roll, the, you get answers.

So does it actually work?
Has anyone tried it?

I am thinking about using penny divination to speak with Lord Ganesha.

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Why not try?

I have tried it…but since I dont have clairaudience, I don’t know whether my answers are real or not. Idk

Clairaudience. Hearing voices? You don’t hear those?

Nope nothing

Why don’t you try with answers you do know? I mean when people get a new pendulum they usually test it out to see if it’s working.

Things like: my name is mike. You know whether your name is mike or not. I am 33 years old. I am? Let me check. My birthday is Sunday. Well I certainly know if it is or not.

Point being. Asking questions you don’t know the answer to will only lead to you either guessing if penny divination is real, or waiting it out to see if the answers were right when the event occurs.

If you truly want to know if it will work for you, try it with things you do know and can’t guess about. Then try it with your real questions and check back often to see you aren’t being mislead either by yourself or whatever spirit you are working with.

Tbh I did try it out, but the answers I get are exactly opposite. I have tried it so many times. So if an answer should be “yes” to my question, I get no. If it should be “not” I get a yes. That’s the weird part.

Then maybe you are confused about which is yes and which is no.

If it’s consistent opposite you are most likely backwards for you and your tool.

Try reversing it and making your yes more and no yes. Ask the questions again and see if the answers are right now and the same as they where before. If they are then clearly your backwards.

If they aren’t… maybe try more practice, Banishing, another divination method.