Pennies how to talk to spirits in the grave yard

This method of divination is used by Paleros and Santeros to talk to spirits. They use coconuts and chamolongos. I met a hoodoo guy that uses pennies. You ask yes and no questions. Then throw the pennies. Give the pennies a good shake and throw. When they land here are the formations.
4 heads up definite yes.
3heads 1 tail ask again. Give the pennies another throw.
If the land in the same way. Its don’t ask what u already know. Most likely yes.
2 tails 2 heads well balanced yes.
3 tails one heads no
4 tails definite no.
So there you go.
When u come through the gate of the cemetery rub change on you and throw it so it hits the gate. If you take dirt or leave anything like a done spell. Leave change. When leaving the cemetery do the same.

No because its Necromancy. I posted this to help some members. I just really have my main experience working with the dead.