Hey everyone i have a pendulum on the way and i have a few questions. Is it possible to use the pendulum without holding it? can i make my own pendulum board? and last question. when talking to spirits can i ask "If you are here can you move the pendulum’?


Um…no? It has to swing free so how would you do that without holding it?




Like hanging it? I can’t see why not, but maybe it works only through the operator. I mean entities or your subconscious moves it directly through your own hands.

There’s no harm in trying it out.

What if we hang it?


I guess, but the mechanism of a pendulum works through the subconscious, and even if it is free hanging from a hook or something, it would still be subject to the air currents of the room as well as the vibrations of movement. I don’t see how it would be any more accurate hanging it, than holding it.


Here’s something that may help.


If we hang it in a closed room then we would have no doubt that it’s our own hands that are moving the pendulum.


We already know that it is the subconscious, which is believed to be the mind’s connection to the superconscious and spiritual realities, controlling the minor muscles of the hands, known as the ideomotor effect, that causes the movement of the pendulum so there shouldn’t be any doubt about that.


There’s some important things to note about pendulums. Don’t consecrate them, I mean why would you? Second, it’s best not to use a spirit’s seal under the board. If you’re happy to just communicate with anything that answers, that’s definitely the way to go and no need for a consecrated seal. I knew a Magician who destroyed himself using these exact methods. Lots do. Tried and true methodology.

Have fun and I hope I helped.



so in theory pendulums are good for random spirits but not for certain spirits such as the demons of the goetia. I am using the coin method right now but would enjoy a less luck-based system. With the coin system i have 8 coins and i know that its highly unlikely that its just luck messing with me, as on some questions all the pennies reveal yes {heads up}


This is not true. In his book Works of Darkness, EA talks about performing an evocation with another magician who used a pendulum to communicate. EA could hear the demon directly so he confirmed the responses that the other magician received via the pendulum.


Shew! Reading the responses on this thread had me worried. LOL
When I was a child, a pendulum was the first thing my father ever taught me, power-wise. But we didn’t have the fancy things you buy in the store. We’d thread a needle and stick that in the eraser of a #2 pencil. That works quite well.
So I don’t see why you can’t make your own spirit board. Or your own pendulum, or really any tool for that matter. Sometimes I think making your own stuff lends power to the deal.


Sorry, I was being sarcastic. Please forgive me.

Consecrate your pendulum but first - salt water works great as does burying it in the ground (not a flowerpot) wrapped in say aluminium foil for 24 hours. After that consecrate. A little blood and breath are good.

When contacting a specific spirit use that spirit’s seal and consecrate the seal with appropriate bodily juices - blood, spit, semen, menstrual blood, whatever. Place consecrated seal under the board - and the best boards are self made.

You really should master a banishing ritual and you’ll know when you feel energy movements. That’s best before pendulum or any work really.



Sometimes my irritability just shines through. This is because the same mistakes are made over and over again – all the time. Some of these potentially disastrous mistakes are so well known – see: Mickey Mouse as The Sorcerer’s Apprentice in Fantasia ! This is based upon much older antecedents and instructs on the importance of effective banishing. After that you can reverse what you’ve learnt and train in evoking. Banishing and evoking take weeks, then months of practice.

Now, if you want to be fucked over good and proper, one way that’s devastatingly effective is to just start communicating with whatever entity happens to start communicating. Another way to do that is to call upon an entity and then just assume that the entity which showed up is the one you sought. I have seen this sort of thing play out in the real world, indeed the same themes appear in literature. And you can easily make sure that you get what you deserve by not knowing how to banish.

There should be compulsory materials as an internet grimoire for people just entering Magick and the lhp and who wish to join BALG. Seriously, why should I care? Because there are so few of us and so many of them that we need to prevent obvious and easily preventable problems which can become monumental – if only to increase our own numbers!



i have tried it by suspending pendulu to rigid support, but it didnt worked, but if you hold it in hand i works well. I am using a simple paper on which yes and no marking are made. yes marking is north-south and no marking is east-west.


so in theory pendulums are good for random spirits but not for certain spirits

Many people are using pendulums to communicate with the demons. I used pendulums to discover the presence of demon. I was observing an unusually strong oscillation of the pendulum at the ritual.


This is from Garry Stine’s book. Mind Machines you can build

You may find more information about pendulums and other interesting devices within that book.

Good luck :slight_smile: