Pendulum topic again

Hi guys…

I have to share a questionning with you.
usually when i use my pendulum, i ask a connection with my higher self /source / whatever

when you guy use the pendulum for divination, do you precise on which plan you ask the question?

for example the question would be: according to my physical plan, what is the true and accurate answer for…? or according to my astral plan or according to my spiritual plan … or the same using the pourcentage charts.

as we know that the univers is infinite, sometimes i am just scared that my own mind plays tricks on me on the vision i think i have.



A problem with divination in general.
@Lady_Eva and others have warned me about a couple tarot potential problems. Obcession and dogmatic gateways.
I always start readings with a prayer to “Elohim” that a true and faithful answer may be obtained for the answers we seek, then do the Golden Dawn method of four split packs, look in each pile for the significator, and get on with the Reading.
Geomamcy, or dice might be helpful.


i already do that … i ground, i purify, raise the vibration
but they are days i can get 100% correct answers and with the same protocol and no attachement to the answer some days i get 10% correct…

i use 3 diferent pendulums for some divinations. some days the 3 pendulums gives exactly the same answers with the same success rate, and some days they do not give the same answers , as they are purified and charge and asked the same question the same way


just clear your mind, and ask a yes or no question. Try to be as calm as possible. This works for me.


When using a pendulum, I figure on emotion as the driver, because this seems to be the common factor when ordinary people get precognition about good or bad news, and I think this may mean that our minds and bodies are most sensitive to their own weather - therefore, in most situations, I ask things related to that, while in a detached state:

  • will I come to bitterly regret (description of action)?

  • will I celebrate (decision I need to make)?


This gives me reliable results, because I’m not trying to divine vast interconnected nets of events and free will outside myself, just what this will do for me.

This really is a “your mileage may vary” thing though. :smiley: