Pendulum method of communication with my Succubus

Done my letter of intent to Lilith to send me one of her daughter’s, which has worked and I’ve never been on as many “dates” in the last 36 hrs then I have in my entire life. I seem to be getting some mixed results but the pendulum is working for sure, I’ve been told some lies by some of the ones I have had contact with and I’ve come across some strange word’s that aren’t English some are Hindu words and some I’ve got no clue as to where they orginate from. I have asked all of them theit names and searched online and found nothing these I’ve been told are low level Succubi. I’ve asked all of them more or less the same initial questions one of which is “Are you here to cause me harm ?” to which they’ve all replied yes, is this a normal response to such a question ?

I actually never asked that before, but just did, to test it out
and I got a very strong no

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The one I’m speaking with now is the only one to have answered no to this question

Do you get all of your replies in English if you ask yours to spell out specific word’s ?