Pendulum for graveyard dirt

I have used the search function as I thought I read it on here. I can’t find it though! Today I went and sat by a couple of graves with my pendulum. I talked about the use of the dirt and asked if I had permission to take a little. One grave said no, the next grave said yes. He was a world war 2 vet. I made sure I was polite. I left 9 Pennie’s as thanks. I’m not sure if finding another way to ask permission. But the pendulum for sure said nope to the first and yes to the second. My first time collecting graveyard dirt. I also thanked him for his service and asked if I could bring anything to him. After a few “no”s he said “yes” to a beer. I just hope I did this correctly and respectfully.


In Hindi people are leaving food and alcohol at the grave. In Poland we have a tradition we are leaveing Candles on or at graves it suppose to show the path for dead put it is energy for dead people.

You can show respect by leaveing food. Culture words, leaveing candles in essential oil, alcohol, tabacco. Flowers for showeing respect and how grateful you are.


You may use Google search engine “how to collect graveyard dirt” there is some blogs which have good information about it.

Apart from pendulum you may trust your own intuition too, when you’re at the graveyard relax and try to focus surely you may pulled (attracted) to a certain grave just go for it.

There are some who give prayers to the older of the graveyard (mostly the first person who was buried there), there are some who give their prayers to OYA the Yoruba goddess of fertility, weather, death and rebirth.

She is believed to guide the souls of the dead in the afterlife, and she can guide while in cemetery doing whatever you’re doing.

Leaving a token after taking the graveyard dirty is an art of appreciation and it brings blessings to what you have collected. There are many meanings to but that is what I think is most important.

You may read this too, I hope it might help

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