Pendulum Dowsing withSigils

Okay for us newer magicians, has anyone attempted to open a Sigil and then use a dowsing pendant over it to communicate with the entity?

I have experimented with this and I got results but not what I wanted because of the limitations of a pendulum.

I’ve done, you “tune in” with the spirit and start asking yes/no questions. If you’re more advanced you could use an ideometer with an alphabet (any) just like Uncle Chuckie bows down suggest in his books to get more “complex” replies.

It’s all explained in his book elementary psyonics, if you wanta evoke some spirit, the radionic box is optional. I’m not able “yet” to get these complex replies, but I’m good at formulating complex questions wich require symple replies

The pendulum is such a useful tool, cheap and portable, we should pay more atention to it

Eventually, you will want to move beyond these ideometer effect type divination tools so you do not become reliant on them. They are rather susceptible to inaccuracy and manipulation.

Totally get you on that Kokuto. I was able to hear clear as day the voices of spirits as a child, but now it only happens periodically as Im falling asleep :stuck_out_tongue:

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The same, but the thing is open astral hearing… I know of a plant that works inducing “auditory hallucinations” buy I can’t remember the name, a friend of mine that is musician worked with it.

All I can say is that it definetely opens astral hearing and those are not simply “hallucinations”.