Pendulum and spirits

In my elemental balanced circle it can only be lords of the elements who answer on this device. However, I experience that the spirits somehow get confused when I ask question about whatever a person for instance is on social media like instagram and facebook. Are spirits limited in knowledge? My former mentor taught me that the lords of the elements knew about every person on this planet.

Also do some of you also use the pendulum divide to command spirits to do a magical task? Can that be done instead I have to write my purpose down to burn it in the offer bowl?
Thank you.

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Who are the “Lords of the Elements” in your view, and do you have and resources to link that puts them in context? That would be useful in helping us think about this.

If I try an internet search I only come up with fan fiction references. :thinking:

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Lords of the elements are spirits who have the same rang as archangels. I however uses the archetypes of the four crown princes of hell to invoke my elemental circle.

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Ah, LaVeyan Satanism. Anton LaVey associated Satan, Belial, Lucifer and Leviathan with a fancy title and one of the four western physical elements, fire, earth, air, and water.

They don’t know about every person and every thing, but same your own subconscious, they can find out as long as they have the right questions to ask. Whether the answer can be interpreted accurately is a different issue.

These are strongly supported names in the common consciousness of humanity, so my first line of investigation would be in the questions themselves.

A pendulum can only answer yes/no, and kinda “maybe”… questions. So you can’t use them to give commands, but you can give the command and then use them to ask if the command was accepted and is being acted upon.

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And it’s that what happen when I ask the question? It always took some seconds before the pendulum begin to swing.

When you ask the question, what I think happens is first your own subconscious communicates the question to the entity. Then the entity, assuming the question was communicated clearly, gets the answer. Then it gives it back to your subconscious, which then tries to communicate it to your consciousness via involuntary body movements to move the pendulum.

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That will explain the vibrations I feel when I use the pendulum.

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I have also called them my elemental pantheon. I had trouble in finding the right word.

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Is a pendulum helpful with psychicism/clairvoyance/clairaudience?

What I find most strange is that some spells I did here the pendulum swing yes right away when I asked I had effected the person with my magick but still I did not experienced the actual change of the person I wanted.

I guess it depends what affected means. They could have been affected but all it did was give them a stray thought, or an affect happened that wore off.

Maybe ask if the affect was enough to achieve your goal by itself?

i work a lot with pendulums,in the beggining i start with the book of carl spartacus about pendulum and shems and goetia demons.
then i simply remove the shems,and work direct with the entity i call.
practice my clairvoyance also with pendulum confirmations this way.
everythings ok until now.


You have a point. Maybe I ask the wrong questions. I also asked whatever it was dangerous to drain from fire element after I have drained from 2 persons during my vampiric magick progress and it swing yes.

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When ask the pendulum that my spell failed because of waning moon it swing yes and when I ask it if my spell would have worked if it was waxing moon it swing yes also. Maybe that’s the reason because I noticed that I did the spell when the moon was beginning waning.

I would take that as a sign that the waning moon has nothing to do with the success or failure of the spell.

I asked: “did my spell failed because it was waning moon?” and the pendulum swing in the yes direction.

Oh, I read the second wrong. Need more coffee! :slight_smile:

I would check both, which also makes sure your pendulum is balanced. If it starts giving contradicting answers, you can cleanse it real quick and re-calibrate asking it to show you yes and no again.

The only reason the waning moon should fail a spell is because you used moon energy and made it matter. If you didn’t do that, this would be a symbolic response meaning more like, there wasn’t enough energy put into the working.

I often ask the pendulum a question I got an answer before to see if it still swing in the same direction. When I got it first time I took a week when I daily asked it questions I knew the answer to in order to find out which was yes and which was no. It still swing the same direction. I have also checked to see if I’m bias by asking questions I would hate the answer of. It seems it still swing in that direction.

I did not applied the moon when I casted the spell. I applied Mercury and the element of air. First after the ritual was done I realized the moon was waning.

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You could consider, that your noticing the waning moon, and the pendulum answer are the same thing, both being your subconscious giving you the impulse that energy is on the decline.

That’s a great thing, it would mean your subconscious has started finding ways to talk to you before you ask the questions. So seeing the moon is a “sign”.

The response is open ended, but sound like you want to top up that energy, maybe repeat the ritual.

I did not noticed it. I just came to thinking that I have always worked planetary magick according to the moon phases and the waning moon could be the explanation why my spell failed. I have also considered that it was because I did not project enough energy towards the image of the target. Or I used the wrong element.