Pending Investigation

So basically, this is my situation. I have a pending drug case, i did lsd and the night it self cops came and somehow arrested me and my friend. Went to the station did a piss test and turns out i got POSITIVE for Ampethamene, and they have two more smaller bottles of my piss to send it to a lab, which gets me a bail of 2 weeks until i go back and see the results… worst outcome; 6 months in prison, which is what im trying to avoid… im in such a shitty situation right now and any advice/spirits/rituals i can do to maximise the chance of me getting out of this predicament! I am desperate, i’ll literally do anything at this point

Why would you get 6 months in prison for simply testing positive for LSD? I don’t know what the law is like where you are, but that seems odd to me, because at most that should be considered a minor offence.

Did you do something while under the influence or on probation for a previous conviction?

Either way, Belial is generally the go-to guy for law related situations.


Here’s my idea.

Belial could be good for you and turn your life around. Not only is he called on for legal trouble, but he hates addictions and I reckon he’d largely hate drugs too. His help probably would be harsh, and he’d try to break your habits, but in the long run you WILL be more powerful for it.


Im feeling for something stronger, to make it more potent… would u suggest a pact? I was thinking about it and it could seem beneficial for both me and belial if we were to do one

I don’t think a pact would be necessary, but ask Belial himself. He may want more from you in exchange.


Yeah maybe initiate a working relationship. You don’t need to jump into something binding like a pact. But if you want to work with him he can help turn your life around. It won’t be easy, you’ll have to confront things and grow, but no pain no gain.


well in Singapore its really strict so, to get out of this sentence is fucking once in a blue moon, and im trying to make it happen… i can’t afford to waste more time… this time will be 9 months since i already did 6 months

As previously stated, Belial is your best bet.

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thank you! any other advice?

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Just call upon Belial as soon as possible so he has room to work. Keep it simple and direct.

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does it matter if i do it in the afternoon or night?

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No, it does not matter. If possible, I’d recommend evoking him outside if you can, but otherwise, just do it whenever you have the chance.

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why outside tho? i always do it in my room

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Do it where ever you want, duh!

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Belial. He will surprise you.


Because Belial enjoys being evoked outside, but like I said, do it wherever you can.


Belial definitely likes it outside. He likes space to manifest- he’s big with a lot of demons under his control (alot of travel buddies so to speak). If you have to go inside though, I’d recommend something like EA’s Communion of Darkness or using a blindfold.
Belial hates authority, laws, cuffs and bars, bullies, etc…that’s why he’s the go-to. He is called the breaker of chains, lawless one, etc…He’s usually extremely willing to jump in on a chance to thwart the rules/ police.
It’s almost better if you actually did do something wrong…
-Good luck


UPDATE; so i did invoked him… he came and spoke, like one of the bosses in diablo 3. I had a feeling he knew i was gonna call upon him,

Me : Come King Belial and hear my urgent plea, come Lord Belial the lawless one as i am in need of your biggest aid.

King Belial : I hear you, now speak!

Me : i’ve came to ask to help and aid me in this pending investigation and case i have with the Central Narcotics Bureau, i can’t end up in prison again. I’m willing to do whatever it takes and willing to change for you to help me King Belial.

King Belial : then you already know what i want firstly, Blood. Second stop this addiction with pornography, Third you have to cut down on the cigarettes, no more smoking so much.

Me : anything else King Belial?


Me : Yes King Belial, i promise.

King Belial : now, Blood…

Me : how much do you want Lord Belial?

King Belial : i’ll tell you when to stop

Me: (pricks finger and draws blood for the sigil)

King Belial: thats enough…

Me: i’ll try to give you more King Belial…

King Belial : burn this sigil and light a candle every night for me, is there anything else?

Me: no King Belial, nothing else.

King Belial: then i’ll see you again….

Me: thank you King Belial!


Would appreciate some opinions or constructive criticism. Thanks!

All I can add is if it were King Belial you connected with, and he gives you what you asked for, you sure as hell better deliver on your end. If you told him you would stop whatever or give him whatever, I hope you are able to follow through. He’s one spirit you don’t want to screw over.

Other than that, good luck and please let us know how everything turns out. He’s a great spirit for your situation. I called on Belial to protect me during a long trip to an interview in a different state, and on the way back I was in a hurry to get home…I ended up doing 85 in a 35. I know it was wrong to speed, I didn’t realize I was going THAT fast. The cop pulled me over and asked why I was speeding. I was honest and told him because I had been traveling for an interview and was in a rush to get home. He looked past me like someone was in the passenger seat (I was traveling alone) and told me to watch my speed and to get out of here, and let me go. No ticket, nothing…I was lucky and felt Belial’s presence was there with me.