Pendants and earring

In the past and often trying to find a 4 to 5 inch chunky inverted pentagram necklace like the one ive seen out of the movie the 9th gate, but all ive seen is 10mm, upto 40mm, but the only ones ive seen is flimsy 6 inch inverted pentagram earring, doesn’t look right for the ears for one thing wearing inverted pentagram earring would stretch the ear lobs to a ugly look, 6 inch inverted pentagram would be alot better worn as a necklace large on chest also those rediculas gigantic inverted pentagram would be more improved 3 x wider and thicker and made out of stainless steel, because when i was in Hell when i was 18 years old ive seen deciples of Satan wearing black robs, walking around with bear feet inverted pentagram on there thor head over there third eye, and i looked at there chest area and there all wearing a very chunky 5 to 6 inch inverted pentagram with out ring hanging off of a chunky chain also the colors of the very chunky 5 to 6 inch inverted pentagram was black others red color, now i don’t know whats up with these manufacturers manufacturing inverted pentagram that tiny, maybe they should up there game.