Peaceful Separation spells?

I don’t wish to rock the boat. I don’t want anyone’s feelings getting more hurt. I am too emotionally invested to be just friends, and even if she weren’t an emotionally unavailable disaster and wanted me, it wouldn’t work. Given her emotional state I want a clean separation. I don’t want to add to her suffering. I need a spell that will make her just forget me and go away. Any suggestions/help would be super appreciated.


Call Dantalion and ask for him to change her mind and heart peacefully.

As example, you can ask him to make her see you only as a good friend.

But you have to work towards this, also. Make your part and that will be easy.

Good luck.

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That’s just the problem. She does see me as a good friend, but she is also an energy vampire and it would probably suit me best if we stopped talking.

Dantalion again. You need to adapt your statement. He has the power to change mind and heart of everyone. What he’ll change and what is the outcome, that’s up to you.

Think a lot and choose wise. Make a statement that suits you more. The rest is up to you.

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Be very clear and specific with your petition. Vague parameters can backfire in such scenarios. This great truth, I unfortunately learned the hard way…


Yeah, that’s true. But although specificity is necessary, don’t go for a lot of variables. Be specific, but straight foward to a point. Don’t limit your magic to the point of nothing happens. Ask one thing, be specific and go straigh onto your request.

Just making this point.

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