[Peace Treaty] Community Unity - No More Politics

Hello Y’all,

I have always viewed magick as a transcendent, unifying topic. It allows every single human to transcend this physical universe, let alone this planet. No more human ambition exists than to aspire to become more, to evolve, to maximize ascent. French existentialist Jean-Paul Sartre defined human essence as an “ambition to become god.”

Peace Treaty

As such, I would like to help foster a more unifying and ascendant experience on this community forum. To do so, it requires a peace treaty or white flag on a fundamentally divisive and irresolvable topic: politics.

As of today I have given permission to moderators to archive and unlist any topics that explicitly pertained to politics in name and premise — both past and future posts.

To say it with crystal clarity: Threads that soap box for particular politicians or political parties by name have become prohibited altogether. If you wish to rally in support of a political cause, you will need to do it either in a group private message or elsewhere entirely.

I have always loved that magicians unite on this forum to perform group ritual to help one another, and I absolutely suggest that you still do that — for example, to increase wealth, love, health, you name it. But it can no longer involve any explicitly political causes like elections, referendums, or overthrows of a political entity.

Example of allowed: Group ritual to find lost children.
Example of prohibited: Group ritual to help election of Politician Z.

Profile Flair & Group Messages

You may discuss politics as much as you wish in a group private message. Just enumerate your political worldview in your About Me under Preferences on your Profile, give consent to participate in group chats, and chatters can add you to private group threads — and you may leave those chats any time also.

This community forum has and will always provide a space where magicians can help one another to discover new magick knowledge and share new power — free from artificial political cages that muggles have placed around themselves. Thank you.

Homo deus,

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I personally like this idea/change.


I have already stated to Timothy in private communications that I didn’t feel there was any issue with division currently happening over this, however I respect that millions of dollars are pumped into online propaganda and Timothy has every reason to wish his forum to not be involved in any way with this.

I state this for the purposes of rumour control, and out of respect for Timothy and my own integrity.

So please make no mistake I will honourably enforce this policy - if anyone wishes to take part in group workings with me, I am moving my own operations to a different platform and rather than spam anyone with links, people are welcome to contact me and find out more. :+1:


Finaly somewhere that can lead to peacefulness of magick and magicians.

Hopefully this can be one more step to a physical safe place for Magicians and all magick practitioners!


I will, of course, abide by the new rule.

On the other hand, knowing a person’s political views can be important, if for no other reason than self preservation.

Case in point: does it help to educate people with destructive political ideals how to perform potent magick? Not IMO. Also, magick and politics have been married for millenia; ceasing the discussion on it deprives some of very useful observation markers.

The old rules really did encompass this: no targeting by name. That could be a person, a business, or a political party. Can we call it what it is? Good business via not potentially alienating a particular demographic by way of exclusion? I can’t help but notice that the majority of forum members tend to be libertarian in principle, and that the nasty back and forth only crops up when a voice touting the merits of far-left , pro-globalism, and collectivism is heard.


Indeed to be true.


Great idea… Politics should just be left alone in this community.
Too much arguing and debate over politics leads to negative things… Things this community is not about.


I respect what they want here, but do believe suppressing speech can go bad quickly and I also agree that locking ourselves into politics too much is toxic instead of helpful.

The only time I saw any real problem over a political thread was when a newer member wanted a working thread against Trump. Instead of honoring it and those not agreeing just staying out she was swamped and in some cases openly ridiculed. This is Not something we need here and though Lady Eva slapped that shit down, it should have never happened.

Because of this I do lean towards agreeing with Timothy’s decision. Stuff like that happening just brings us all down in our journeys.


I am respectfully disappointed in Timothy’s attitude towards political threads. It’s not just politics—it’s life! It’s human life! Politics affect everybody’s life! This is why in certain countries, one can do things (like openly practising sorcery, black magick) one cannot do in other countries, one has freedoms one does not have in other countries.

It’s great to have threads about love spells, spiritual protection, money magick, energy working and stuff, but political threads (with a magickal and patriotic intent) are just as important.

What concerns me about T.'s decision is the blatant and underlying censorship underneath it all (even if he honestly doesn’t view it as censorship). Makes me think of a growing number of patriots being silenced on different online and real-life platforms, and even, in different countries, fined and imprisoned.

Timothy probably feared Become A Living God would be linked to the “far-right”/“alt-right”/“extreme-right”, falsely accused of hate speech and banned if such discussions continued. It sucks that such censorship even affected us in here, and BALG is a platform based in the United States of America where there is supposedly a 1st Amendment.

What’s so ridiculous in this mounting censorship is that Donald J. Trump IS the LEGAL President of the United States of America, whether or not one likes it. But openly supporting him may lead one to undue attacks, fierce criticism, scorn, complete rejection and even physical, bodily attacks…

As well as arbitrary censorship (I’m referring to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. Not Timothy per se. I’m just saying that the current climate may have influenced his decision).

Timothy has explained his motives, and these are just the way I see things. I’ll comply with the rules as always.


I, personally, haven’t seen anything too soap boxy. But I can agree with this change, regardless. It’s more than fair and reasonable.


Great move, I’ve seen politics turn best friends into bitter Rivals within a few sentences. Regardless of our paths that we’ve chosen, this forum is a damn good thing, I know I’ve only recently become a member of it, and I have a lot more than I’m still trying to learn my personal Ascension, but a place like this where are white lighters and the darkest of the dark necromancer’s can come together in a common goal this is something that is, for lack of a better term, magickal.

Letting people discuss such mundane things as politics would do much to upset the neutral balance so we have going on here, and I know that I’m not a person that has anything to say about this forum, I’m no EA koetting, I’m not Timothy, I’m just another weirdo that talks to Demons. But I’ll be damned if I see this forum go to shit because people talking about the most obstructive thing that has ever come about in the human race.


I really don’t like this new policy. I’m really used to be silenced by… uhm. People with higher positions in a fancy building.

One of the reason i actually joined here was because of the free speech. I now fell very limited on what I can say. Especially because life wether you like it or not is politics. Just like this… policy.

Yeah I really don’t like this change at all since I know from experience where this wil lead to.


I feel you, from a free-speech perspective, this can be very troubling. I myself am very much about the Constitution of the United States of America, I even have molon labe tattooed on my fucking arm. I’ve actually left two separate militias I didn’t agree with. But I’ve seen politics divide more than bring people together. And we both, not saying that I know you, but I guarantee you seen politics Drive wedges in between the best of friends and turn them into bitter Rivals faster than you can say so mote it be.

No matter what you think, the rules are rules, this Forum will be better off without talking about politics, because nothing good comes from politics, there’s nobody good that works in politics, there’s nobody in politics that I trust further than I can throw their security personnel, and there’s nothing in politics that that positively relates to magick or magick users.

Darkest blessings. -S


But because we had allowed politics to be here we had an influence we could do. We managed to change something we didn’t like because we could openly talk about it.

We can change something by talking about it. But silencing the option for that wil lead to stalemate as even a love spell is political.


Meh, I personally dislike politicians and politics immensely, so I don’t mind not discussing them, but what is considered politics? Decisions like this could easily slide into not being able to discuss pretty much anything…


I completely understand the points you’re making and agree that if left open to sloppy interpretation, that could occur.

The concept is clearly defined:


So…can we still make fun of them(politicians)?


This is not a violation of the First Amendment. This is a forum created by private individuals who have the right to control the speech of the people in it, and you have the choice to stay or go. But truthfully, this is probably the best way that would keep the spirit of what has been created and still allow the most individual liberty.


That’s actually a political act, I’m going to go with “occasional comments in passing are probably okay” but no topics specifically devoted to it.

If someone is making every opportunity a chance to name a politician or political party in a mocking or hostile manner, whether it’s to provoke a response or otherwise, that is a NO.

Politicising topics to try and nuke them will be viewed in the same manner as challenging someone on their beliefs in order to accuse them of “preaching dogmas and indoctrinations” - which is already a rule on here and which line has been successfully walked, by adults, for four and a half years.

Any passing comment that slides organically into a full-on political discussion will be turned into a PM, I have the ability to turn parts of threads into PMs so this won’t afflict people who were not discussing that aspect.

It’s going to happen, just like any derailment, they become PMs and genuine discussion in good faith can continue, without it becoming grandstanding or point-scoring.