I am interested in adding Pazuzu to a recent working with Glasya- Labolas.

Do these two work well together or would Pazuzu prefer to work alone?

I have researched this and cannot find this information.

I have never evoked Pazuzu before and so I want to make sure I do it correctly.


This is for a Curse yes?

Normally Pazuzu will only work intimately with identified members of his “family” and even that can be a little iffy. (He can get quite jealous and territorial sometimes…But don’t tell him i said that.) :shushing_face::wink:

But You can get around that by sending him to devastate everything in the target’s life, (which he’s very good at.) Accept to take it. leaving that to Glasya- Labolas. :skull_and_crossbones:

I know Glasya- Labolas wouldn’t mind, anything that makes what he does easier is probably much appreciated, and i’m sure he’d enjoy the show.

But still might want to do a divination of some kind beforehand just to be sure. :crystal_ball:


Thank you. :heart:

Yes, It is for a curse. Glasya is doing that well though to be honest right now, I am in awe!

I just would really to have Pazuzu on my side and he seems a very powerful spirit and ally to have.

I will have to evoke him and ask what offerings he would like. :+1:

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He can get quite jealous and territorial sometimes…But don’t tell him i said that.

Yes, I can confirm this. Absolutely. After I evoke Him (1,5-2 years ago), He stayed with me, protected me from parasites who wanted to destroy my own thoughts and freedom, but from that moment, He does not let anyone else (spirits and even men) in my near, at all. Is He dominant? Is He jealous? Yes, no doubt, He can be!

He is still with me, and I can say that… If He really connected to you, He’ll let you to work other Gods, for your good cause. Sometimes He’ll know better than you, what would good or bad to you, so you can trust Him, but do not forget, He can be tricky. :wink::black_heart:


Have you ever know Glasya to leave a target alive and instead take people around them that they care about?

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Not that i’ve ever seen when working with him, i think he’d only do that if it would eventually drive the target to suicide.

As far as baneful entities go he’s never seemed that sadistic to me, so any pain he causes to others is purely incidental next to the real goal of putting the target into the ground.

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That may well be Belials contribution then…to the targets nasty friend group. Glasya does seem to prefer his fires and collisions. Thanks

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