Pazuzu & dreams?

So I started working with pazuzu recently and I decided to reach out to the members on this form to see if my questions in concerns could be answered now I know little about him other than he is a demon king of the air death and pestilence he can teach vampirism and is a great protector who is very loyal to Lucifer. Any way ever since I started working with him calling him in my rituals I’ve been having reoccurring dreams and I don’t know why this is but it’s very strange. So in the dreams I’ve been have I keep seeing my brother and my father that I should mention he has been a very negative part of my life I don’t speak with him anymore and he’s awaiting a prison trial I don’t ever keep him in mind half the time I forget he even exists so has any had any experiences in working with pazuzu like mine that might be similar or can give me I bit more insight on this particular sprit so I can understand just who he is a bit more or why I would be having these experiences


I think you may want to work with the actual Pazuzu from the Mesopotamian lore and not any of the modern inventions people have given him, such as the vampire and Lucifer stuff. It may be an imposter, which could explain the nightmares.

Edit - I have worked with him through that same lore. The modern stuff is also being applied to Tiamat and I expect people are having similar issues, but chalk it up to Primordial Chaos and not examining the actual records.


Not sure I know what you mean by modern I work the pazuzu as the storm god watcher when I came across pazuzu it was from the necronomicon also I never said anything about nightmares I said dreams and yes also what I wrote about what I know about him is information I found on the form so if you have a better resource could you point me in that direction

Baal Kadmon’s Pazuzu and Tiamat books are cheap and had a nice entry.

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