Pazuzu call

Hello, I was somehow drawn to contact Pazuzu. By the way, I had his sigil already drawn and once I looked ať it, my heart stopped ( metaphoricaly) and even though I have told myself I am not ready to do this and I had already set plans of things I wanted to do in magick I was stuck and felt strong energy manifesting around me. So I started to call to Pazuzu and I had three strange visions. The first one was, when I was flying through the air in some desolated place, I was carried by strong whirlwind. Second one I have forgot but I know I will remember and once I do, I will add it. The third one was about person I have cursed. I saw her suffering (maybe this was even reason why he came, because I felt his presence when I was spreading my violent thoughts through the surroundings).

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