Paying to curse Vs. Doing it yourself

I’m hoping that I am not bringing up this topic again. I tried to search the forum before im asking…

Is it better to pay someone to curse an enemy or cursing the enemy yourself?

With paying someone, I feel, they have more experience and can get the job done. There are no feelings involved, and there is no lusting for results.
When doing it on your own, I feel, there are feelings involved, doubt, lusting for results and disappointment if it didn’t “stick”

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Both, first the real guy has to do 5 different things over and over. Yourself. May no have experienced, or energy. Or knwlge. Get areading. And a good magician too. A experience someone pm he wants a spell, and he pay 1800,wellit not work the magician is voodoo, well he get mad his spell fail and the guy tpld him my money back bcse ufail the voodoguy get mad and treat him whit curses. Just pick a good reliable magician.

I understand. Everybody can claim to be a good magician. And you pay the amount for their services. But what happens if the order is not fulfilled? You will go broke searching

Just learn and do it yourself. Become a living God. Recognize that just because you don’t know much, that doesn’t mean that you don’t yourself have the power. You 100% have the power to learn. Grow your knowledge and your power. May take longer but at least all the money you spend on knowledge and tools are a return investment.


I agree with

If you truly feel that a curse is justified than cast it. And to avoid worrying over the result of the first spell/ritual just perform another (different) one the next day or a couple of days later, and yet another one later. Hit your target from every imaginable direction.
That way you can learn a lot.


Better to do it yourself. It’s investment. Not only learn to curse; you learn other magick stuff for other areas of life. You learn magick skills. And you know you can guarantee results if you do it yourself.

All the issues you talk about. Well, you have to learn to manage it one way or another in real life to better your life/goal. It’s not just magick. Magick learnings overlap life skills. And you don’t want to learn that? :thinking:


For newbies cursing can backfire especially if there is fear from doing it. Shame and regret is also a total no go and if that is the case than should definitively hire one.

Without fear and with justice than one should cast bane magic against targets


Wat idid iny teens. Since it was a lack of full knwldge .was look in the index references on books. Since most americans books are copys of copyes. Sorry authors. And look for them. Then go to public library and order, for small fee. Amd learn another languaje. Wen i was ready join magic firums for months until i saw a realagician. Contact ,and pay afee for 6 spells. 90/ were good results goid rituals. Amd not matter if u are beginner, most of my first rituals were amazing fast magic. Well i have the rgt magick too. Amd sure all work. But if u trade, or buy something tat is a goid thing.

I agree as well.
There are some people that want to see things manifest the second the words come out of their mouths. When it doesn’t happen, it now becomes desperation for various reasons…
Some people give up because the situation is all around them and they can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel…
Some people rather pay because they read people are getting results quickly and that’s what they want.
I have come to realize that this walk is not an easy walk. So many times I want to throw it all away. But there is a yearning to seek knowledge and understand why Lucifer called me…


I want to learn the reason why Lucifer called me, why I check this forum before I check my social media. I want to learn how magick can help me grow as a person. Im not in it for fame and fortune and to purposely fuck someone life up. I am humbled in why I decided this direction in my life.
But sometimes I question why, I feel, I am losing and other people get blessed.

That’s your own journey to figure out . Magick isn’t the only way. I say learn everything your interested in. You never know how it helps cuz many things overlap. Different subjects open different views and create different opportunity. You just have to keep a sound mind and be practical. Be grounded. Answers is within not outside. Self cultivation. dont’ matter what you use to cultivate self. Just keep learning and explore yourself. That’s the only way you know yourself.

How you know it’s lucifer? you don’t. many things are made up in our heads until verified. spirit world is hard to verify. You can’t take other’s word for it. their journey is different. what’s true for you isn’t true for others. test test test. that’s all you can do. All the stuff i’m doing with magick. i’m testing. i don’t take it blindfolded and believe anyone or anybook. you have to test it out by self by doing.