Pay a pact

A little question, in a Pact is paid before or after the spirit meets his part? and another question, where should I store and how should I treat a sigil?

Storing your sigils properly is a matter of choice. Just make sure you treat thyem with respect; Don’t make them and leave them lying around. You could use a normal photo album to store your sigils. i propose you buy a new one, uniquely for the sigils. Let them be for your eyes only, keep them in the special place where you keep all your magical implements. You could also have a large envelope, padded or not, place your sigils inside and put it away where nobody will come and look at, or handle them easily.

This is in response to the sigil question.

I like to seal mine in envelops with a note on the date of the working and store it away. Then even I won’t notice what it is until I’m ready to check up on the results.

It also depends how you’re using the sigil. I used one for a while that was a painted metallic disk about 4 cm round that I kept loose in a chest where I stored all my books, candles, and other tools. This was due to the nature of it acting more as a talisman on a conscious level so I did not keep it hidden from myself.

Try out a few methods and note what gets you better results.

After the spirit does his part.