Pause and Break In one's Spiritual Journey. Is it advisable? A Good thing?

Did any of you experience a BiG Pause/Stop in your journey into spirituality.? And looking back was it a good thing?

I have more or less attained what I was looking for and left my home for. Now I don’t know If I should just go into another venture or Just Take a Break??? ( I don’t even know Astral Travel and neither have astral senses, though haven’t even spent 30 mins to develop those ). And There is no lack of attainments one can have in this path?

I am thinking of stopping for few months and just enjoy my attainment for sometime but the fear is I may lose Interest in spirituality to a large degree and most of U surely know that if there is one thing that get’s things done that is OBSESSION and mellowing down may not always be the best thing in the long run.

Any advice ?


Yes. Sometimes we run out of “juice” and need to “refill” so to speak.

My advice is know when to go, know when to quit and have discipline.


For this reason divination is helpful. Amongst some other things that are discussions for another time.


Hmmm. Thanks. but what are ’ the other things ’ , Just curious .

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@Mephisto - really make a solid point with this. Sometimes we need to refill your magickal juice. I should know I haven’t done anything related to the O.A.A as I just don’t feel ready for the next step. I have instead done other meditations to help me relax and open my mind up a bit more before moving on. That in turn have made me run into other things I needed to fix before taking a slight break before finally returning. When you lack energy and motivation take time to recharge, you are going to need it trust me. It better to come back all rest up and motivated, than going in there as if drained by a vamp. If you don’t you usually burn out pretty fast.

There’s no shame chillaxing for a while, especially not if you feel like you need it. The results you seek will still come, although it will be slower initially. If you are worried about losing ground, do small things, one meditation done for 10 minutes is better than none.

@Goku I do have a suggestion, you don’t need to follow it of you think it’s bad idea, however if you are up for it, take a complete break. No magick or anything related for about a month. If you ever feel an unexplainable pull (it’s unmisstakeable), then you know you are ready to come back. This tend to happen pretty fast from my experience. There are however like it is for me now, bigger breaks that happen from tine to time, those are meant to prepare you for the next stepping stone in your ascent.


Yea, that will give the answer. Thanks for taking out time and answering, really appreciate it.

In my opinion we need a break from time to time but it could develop into something completely different entirely and we lose all that we gained. That happened to me once. Had to start almost from scratch. It was painful and devastating but had to do it.

To avoid my mistake, I suggestion that you always keep a daily spiritual practice that reminds you of where you stopped in your journey so you could easily continue where you left anytime you want. Even if it doesn’t improve your skills or give you anything more than what you already have.

Could be a simple as meditation or reading a specific book or whatever you choose. As long it keeps that connection, then it would be perfect.

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