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I can’t understand How I make this art …should I start in day wich 12th house rise in mars or venus …and should I draw mars seal in first hour and venus seal in second hour of day …or mars seal in mars hour and venus seal in venus hour and so on ( no matter order of hours ( first -second …etc ) )…Should 12th house rise in each planet for each seal to draw seal in that day ( make operation on many days wich be 12th house rise in planet and zodiac sign realter to seal ) .please help .Thank you !
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Sorry, I dont really know the answer to this :thinking: Id say no time like the present really.

Traditionally when it comes to talismans, you engrave the image onto a piece of metal, and the metal should be appropriate to the planet and force involved. When this is done depends on what you’re going for.

Paper can alternatively be used, but it is said that the effects of paper talismans only last for 60 days or so, while metal talismans last longer than you life time in most cases.

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I never heard that before.

Efficacy and duration are likely more affected by variables like wrinkles and tears in the paper then by what it’s made of and paper doesn’t last well so…

60 days could be true but I doubt the cause is it being made of paper bu it’s more likely that the condition of the paper at the end of those 60 days would be the reason.

It is simply the traditional lore on it. This is why the paper is usually scented with the scent associated with a particular planet, to make it long lasting, as it is believed that since the paper has no resonance with any of the planets in particular, it loses its magickal affect at around 60 days or so

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What are you doing here and what is your goal?

Are you copying this seal for use in ritual? Then copying the seal is part of the ritual and the ritual started as soon as you set your intention to do this.

I don’t personally believe the astrological effects are strong enough to make a difference, so for me, they don’t. I also very rarely use Abrahamic techniques like this - I work in other currents. Poetry helps humans get their energy right a lot though, so if it works for you, use it, but use it as a tool not a constraint.

Your intention is direction of the energy is what matters. I’d just make the seal all at once after I opened my circle.
So if YOU think the timing matters, then you’re the one that has to decide when and how, and nobody else.

Do whatever the fuck you wanna do and know it will work regardless - clarity of thought and the knowing it will work is the only really important part. The drawing itself is fluff and is there for you to focus you mind, what it looks like and when you do it are irrelevant unless you make them relevant.

This thread is full of doubt and for this reason the working is at risk, but try it out and see. You can always do it again with adjustments after you learned from the first try.

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As I read it now and how understand it, you should make Mars sigil in first hour of day when Sun is in Aries or Scorpio, and this is the time when Mars is Lord of the first hour of the day. Then do this for other planets- Venus sigil should be made when Sun is in Taurus or Libra etc. Read what planet rule over what zodiac sign- and DO NOT take outside planets like Uran, Neptun, Pluto.

What is important, in occult first hour of the day starts when Sun rises on horizon and last hour of the day ends when Sun is going down below the horizon, so look for some planetary hours calculator and there you will have the start and end time of first hour, because to know how long first hour will last you should take the time from sunrise to sunset, divide it by 12, and this is how we have how long the hour of the particular day is.


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thank you

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To be more precise, take the amount of time between sunrise and sunset, then multiply the hours by 60, then plus the amount with the minutes, and the divide then total amount by 12. That will give you the amount of minutes a Planetary hour lasts that day.


I didn’t cach it :rofl: To simplify- take the amount of minutes between the sunrise and sunset and divide it by 12- this is day hour in minutes length.

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mars sigil should be sun in aries or scorpio and venus sun should be in taurus or libra …what about rest of planets please bec I’m not astrological at all

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but I red that 12th house should be rise in first day of working

You should probably learn some astrology before you work with Astrological spirits and Astrological Talismans.

Saturn is the Lord of Capricorn and Aquarius.

Jupiter is the Lord of Sagittarius and Pisces.

Mars is the Lord of Aries and Scorpio.

The Sun is the Lord of Leo.

Venus is the Lord of Taurus and Libra.

Mercury is the Lord of Gemini and Virgo.

The Moon is the Lord of Cancer.

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so what relationship between sun and all that ! “mars should written when sun become in aries and scorpio”

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12th house is always in rise. In astrology houses are bond with horizon, and so 12th house is always over the Ascendant - Ascendant is the point on chart where sun rises and day starts.
This should help about planetary rulers.


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so what relationship between 12th house and paulina if you red book please…I red that something about 12th house in first of book

Can you show the text where it is about?

The full text where I believe OP took it from, if you need it (It is fine to share it is as it is from the translator):

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