Patterns of Manifestation

So, I’ve started noticing that magic for a particular result tends to manifest in similar ways. E.g., money spells tend to manifest for me in opportunities to work additional hours or being offered temp work on my days off and so on. This reminds me of the astrological dictum that similar astrological events will manifest for the same person in similar ways. So while there are many ways a Jupiter and Mars contact might manifest, it might happen that for a given individual it usually manifests as a fire (burning down his house, say).

This leads to two questions: has anyone else noticed this sort of pattern in the way their results manifest, and has anyone been successful in changing that pattern?

  1. yes, and 2. no - that’s a pretty useless reply except it maybe affirms your own observation.

I’m working on the latter, but I’m told it’s down to my deep-seated beliefs etc.

Yes, but it changes depending on your life situation.

When I was a teen, money spells always manifested like my dad would feel really generous out of nowhere and hand me a $50 and say here, go have fun with a friend, or he’d say if you mowe you the lawn for me today I’ll give you $75,because he owns 86 acres of land, mostly woods, but the flat areas that I had to mowe around the house were an acre and a half so it took me about 90 minutes to 2 hours to complete.

As an adult, money comes in the form of me finding a $20 or $50 lying on the ground or my online business, I suddenly get a rush of way more sales than usual. Usually if I need money for clothing or something that is a necessity but I am in strict savings mode and refuse to spend my money on anything not crucial, my dad will still to this day just hand me money (which is not typical of him) and say go buy you some daggon clothes, you’ve been wearing the same 6 shirts for the last 5 years. But that’s because I prioritize my necessities in order of most needed to least needed, and I figure as long as my pants aren’t ripped with my ass hanging out the back or full of stains and holes, I’m cool with what I’m wearing. LOL