Patron of Bikes (bicycles mainly)

I have to say there aren’t many with a quick casual search. I’m tired of flat tires, mechanical breakdowns, and some other bicycling issues. At first I thought Buer would be good being kind of ophanim wheel-like but I’m thinking I need something more.

First up was:

I’m not catholic and it isn’t what I want. Then BAM! Found a blog:

So Taranis looks good and works with my all-time favorite Greek god Hephaestus.

Yeah, I want quality, …no AWESOME ENGINEERING SUPERIORITY for the ultimate Cruiser bike for hauling a heavy trailer and taking a beating and keeps on moving.

Why? Blew a tire out last week from a huge construction screw. Yesterday blew out the back tube again due to tire coming out of rim. The tubes are destroyed.

Btw, check out this big LED candle.

It’s a lot brighter than the Halloween tealight or even crappier white tealight. I have black tea lights also. No other colors. Figured green and red would have been available at my store. Can’t expect blue until the 4th of July; pink & purple on Valentine’s Day?