Patron / Guide reading?

I did a short five card spread tonight, mostly for fun, but also in hopes to find more information on the entity that wishes to work with me, or, perhaps even my patron. The spread went as follows:

Deity / Entity -
Eight of Pentacles

Trait (usually negative) -
Page of Swords

Trait (usually positive) -
Queen of Pentacles (Reversed)

What they rule over -
King of Cups

Something associated with them -
Two of Wands

It was just a simple spread I found that I thought may provide me some more clues while I continued my research and practiced my astral senses and such. No intention to do any evoking yet, as I don’t feel I’m ready, nor do I have a full interpretation of just who this is yet. If any of you have any ideas or interpretations from this spread, feel free to share. I did notice creativity coming up a lot. :thinking: