Patron Demon via gordon winterfields book

Has anyone got a patron demon using gordan winterfields book.

Your supposed to meditate on the book and find your patron demon will find you. Anyone have a patron Demon? please share experiences.

I have listened to a few things. One on the girls is supposed to be a 4th generation witch.

Belial is apparently her parton demon. She also said belial doesn’t do possessions. Which is contradictory to EAs experience and other stuff I have read on reddit. She describe Belial as 6’1 olive skinned jock.

She also mentioned Sitri is a women or comes to her as a women in a white dress thats 6’5 tall. Is she legit?


im into the goatia so no its my first time hearing about it

I’ve never heard of the book or the author, but I do have a patron who approached me. As to sexuality and appearance, it seems very fluid with these entities, as though tailored towards whomever they’re speaking to. She may be legit, idk.


everyone has his/hers own connexion to demons and entities.
this book is a good book still you’ll never have a real connexion because the demons are still constrained by the entities of the shemhamphorash yhwh shammah- elohim- shaddai el chai etc and within the triangle of manifestation.
connect to them without all this protection and you’ll see clearer.

i have the book and the demons came to me without it, and when i wanted to work with the book, they never wanted to come no matter how hard i focused, but when i simply connect to them, they come.

For exemple Belial appears to my friend as a tall black egyptian man, and to me he never appears to my face, he stand behind me but never from the front.

demons appear in the way you are ready to see them.


I’ve found this to be true

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:rofl: I watched them alot but never bought a book… I tried scanning over the 72 sigils just to ask if I have a guardian and all I got a spirit coming to me in my dreams telling me he know my family and when can he start calling me! I figure out that he was always just in the background and approached when I asked about guardians! I like hearing their experience but I’ll make up my own shinangin!

All spirits can possess people. This is common knowledge to people of the magickal arts.

Can =/= they will.

Not trying to be a dick but it’s early, not really looking to debate.

Its ok. No need to have emotions its just a forum. But if you can spew propaganda, I can have a fair shot too.

It’s more of a lack of intent and will power on my end.

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According to the ladies in the video. The constraints are there to protect you from yourself.

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I used to watch Lisa and Ashley when I was very new to demonic magick. Demons of Magick was my first ever grimoire on demons as well — but I never used it. I just don’t agree with Gordon Winterfield’s standpoint on how to interact with demons. Very Solomon-esque. I have meditated on the sigils however, to try to find a patron demon. But it might be my disagreement with Winterfield that sort of “broke” the book for me lol, if that makes sense. Not one demon stood out to me.

As for their legitimacy, I find them to be true. Lisa used to work solely with angels, and now she works solely with demons. Ashley has only ever worked with demons, and she is legit dude. I thought they were affliated with the Gallery of Magick but they actually aren’t. Both do not follow Winterfield’s — or any of the GoM’s for that matter — ideology on working with demons. They work from a place of respect, and not of force.


I think they’re working on a book of their own now, to boot. They used to be “Loyal Friends of the Gallery of Magick” before they went 100% into demonology. That’s how I found them anyway, as I like the GOM books. It’ll be interesting to watch them and see where they head next.

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Deleted above post as for some reason it would not let me edit. So will repost edited version (edited for clarity).

Legit? Mkay, each to their own…but, you do know the moderators of their Facebook group claim that Lucifer and other demons talk to them by posting in the group through another account they call a ‘demon portal.’? (Lucifer himself posted on Facebook yesterday, wishing people a Merry CHRISTmas. Think about how hilarious that is for a moment…) And that the Gallery of Magick themselves have stated that they looked into these claims of demons supposedly using FB accounts to post messages and don’t believe them? Jason Miller, who also used to be in the group has now left and is equally sceptical…


Yes, she is legit.

I also have King Belial as my Patron.