Pathworking with King Lucifer

It has been few months since i’ve started pathworking with King Lucifer. My life started changing in a very unpleasant way which brought the depression out of me. Foremostly, i have requested King Lucifer for a Life Partner with true love, who is willing to travel along with me in any circumstance and as just as how King Lucifer is. Just to let you guys know, i had a very unfortunate experience in relationships as it usually ends up in despondency and frustrations. Each and everyone was just seeking for some-pleasure time and not in the true intention of Love. This destroyed me mentally and i finally reached out King Lucifer for help. And Yessss! he actually did and told me This is the One.

So this particular guy is 4 years elder than me, tall,charming,open-minded,extrovert and also adventurous. He was nice and was like all i ever wanted. We were just in the process of knowing each other which we thought is necessary before getting into a relationship.Things were really going well at the beginning and pufff!!! Everything changed. The boy who used to be so close to me, slowly started losing interest in me,answers everything in a rude way and began avoiding me and i had this instinct that he is with someone else. I was holding into myself for quite sometime and finally burst out.I brawled with him and everything was over. I got into depression again,the smile on my face disappeared and i literally cried every single day. Not even a day without his thoughts and i lost myself piece by piece but all i knew was he is just doing fine without me.

Meanwhile, i lost my job and friends who used to be close to me began to throw arrows at the back. Everything and everyone that surrounds me, caused me problems from various directions. My whole world became upside down and i was clueless on what was really happening.

I confronted King Lucifer again and asked him why this has to happen where at the very first place he said that THIS IS THE ONE and the answer that i received was,
What has been asked has been given and to Redeem what has been given will not be easy. A tear will be an opening to a hug but a strong will is what gives you the courage to Redeem”. The answer that i obtained was unsatisfied yet i still chose to have faith in him and recuperate myself bit by bit.

Even though i knew it is going to take sometime to get what i want, i chose not to give up. Deep down inside, i felt that King Lucifer has taught me Lessons in a very diverse way and now i am Better than who i was Before.

Abundance of love for you King Lucifer :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Great work! Thanks for sharing!


:innocent: :innocent: :innocent:

Observe what he teaches. Good sharing

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Lucky you can hear him.

Nice little story sorry things crashed in the relationship I or the most part understood the message he gave about it. I’m tryin o anyways, just tryin to figure out how to use the tear o inniciate the hug, if it’s magic causeing him to tear or letting him see you care and showing him a tear abouvthe loss of him and he hugging ou don that.

Have you been showing the courage and trying to interact with him?


It’s never easy. It’s going to be painful and much work but in the end you will be better. It appears as though the things that are holding you back from acension are falling away. Sometimes we define ourselves by who we are with or what job we do. This is not who we are. Lucifer will not steer you wrong. When all is said and done you will be better for it.


Lucifer really is an excellent teacher.
Thanks for sharing about your contact with him!


yes i did :innocent:

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That’s right. It is indeed a very painful process yet i duly understand that he is teaching me something :blush:

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