Pathworking Thread

I was thinking how there should be a thread where members would list, in short, the pathworks they have done and the results they gained from it. Also the books where they are from and any tips you might have.

The point of such a thread would be to have all the pathworkings available to us right away, without having to dig through the search function for hours finding out different paths - this way, they would all be in one place!; no need to look through the search function for new ones.

Post away!



Here is my submission:

Wealth Magick pathworking by Damon Brand.

Crazy powerful - contains about 7 rituals that will set you on a path of wealth, and bring you opportunities wherever you go. Takes maybe half a year to complete, but you can bet your ass you’ll be wealthier by the time you finish all those rituals.

And you can repeat it for another level up on the path of wealth.

Contains different entities - angels, demons… quite a varied working. Plus, it does not require much paraphernalia - gotta make some sigils, burn some, nothing special.

If you’re planning on becoming a rich ass mothafucka… this shit is good.


Doing that one myself; on ritual 4

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whats your personal experience with it?


I would like to know as well