Pathworking the works of EA


 First, I would start off with getting proficient with the astral senses....Use Questing for Visions and Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce.

Secondly this is more of a question for you…
What daily/weekly rituals or workings are you currently doing ?

[quote=“Sukujin”]Thanks for the reply Zukara,

Questing After Visions is the one ‘book’ of EA’s that I dont have :slight_smile: well I have a pdf, but havent felt quite right using it as I didnt pay for it.[/quote]

You do know this is a forum for 'Get ‘er done’ magicians right ?

Honestly you don’t need to build up a library to do this. You should master your Astral senses first so you can interact with the summoned. Absorb books you have , reading them two or three times, tagging pages but don’t linger on every item. Also try reading some magickal fiction or something to get you in that mindset where you “KNOW” these spirits are with you. I usually watch a ‘primer’ movie that gets me in the mood quickly and deeply.

That’s quite ok. A little while ago I had to change much of my ceremonial daily routine because I got ‘twisted’ by a sorcerer friend of mine who was testing my defenses as part of our training. I realized that even though I have been a stalwart practitioner of ceremonial magick for more than a decade I still overlooked some backdoors.

As an old school hacker the attack threw me; but made me want to know how he did it. Needless to say I have kept up my practice of some rituals but I don’t do all of them daily anymore, don’t really need to.

I must say it. “you get out of magick what you put into it”.
So get off your duff and start doing it…
Increase your concentration by the candle or dot method since you have Magus Kraig’s book.

Work on your visualization of images so you can hold an image in your mind for at least ten minutes.

You are gonna spend four to five months to atleast be able to safely/confidently use Evoking Eternity. DO NOT RUSH this is one of the only professions that can get you killed or worse (see example below…)

Keep your head up…


In many ways I am in the same boat as you. I am confusing myself because there are so many initial practices to do that I cannot decide. I practice one, get poor results then hit the books to look for another. If I just stick to one, I’m sure I would already have results, but Im always on the lookout for the ultimate exercise!

I love the armchair too. It’s just an excuse, but I do shift work and loath the thought of meditation some nights when I get home. My main obstacle is dedication and staying enthusiastic about practicing… I spend too much time daydreaming about powers and not enough time developing them.

Im really looking forward to EA’s complete works and the new video program, I’m the sort of person who needs structure and ‘things’ laid out, otherwise I tend to wonder around getting distracted.

I have a month off work starting next week, instead of going away I have decided to dedicate the month to uninterrupted practice. I will be focusing on:

  • Third eye stimulation in the mornings
  • Scrying mirror work in the evenings
  • I hear ringing in the ears when I meditate so will do half hr of that each day
  • OBE4u technique 3 times each week
  • general mindfulness meditation as I go about the day
  • (maybe evocation once or twice a week… not sure)

I’m going to make up a training calendar where I have to tick that I have done the daily exercises to keep myself honest.

My mentor was Buffy for a while, I’ve since moved on to more serious mentors like Supernatural and Teen Wolf!

[quote=“Sukujin”]Zukara, thanks for the suggestion, I will be taking those into full consideration.

I don’t thank you for that stupid video, its funny but what is your point? The video is fiction, and funny more than scary. If you are trying to use the video as an example of the ‘dangers’ of the ego and the magical path, you are way off. I am not insane :), I am not a teenage girl :slight_smile: and TBO, this is somewhat condesending and irrelevant to the current discussion. I am more likely to disbelive that I a flying, when I am, than to believe that I AM flying when I am not.

EDIT: LOL that clip is from 'The Craft" LMAO, is that movie really a form of education for magicians? Get real, it has 0% credibility. Why not abandon EA’s BALG programs, and just get our education from ‘The Craft’, ‘Practical Magic’, ‘Charmed’, ‘Sabrina - Teenage witch’ and any other peice of mass media brainwashing propaganda? No offense Zukara, but this is shite.[/quote]

You took this all wrong. I was using video to illustrate what happened to an associate of mine when she got in TOO deep and mixed several unrelated paradigms trying to get the best of both worlds sorta.
As for the movie.I liked the craft, was interesting back in the day. Especially Robin Tunney :slight_smile:


Why don’t you summarize your dream(s)…As for myself, I don’t log every dream. Just the ones that stand out.

Works of Darkness was the first of EA’s books I got, quickly followed by Baneful Magick and Evoking Eternity, and I dabbled with things from each book on and off for years. Now that I have the Complete Works, I am immersing myself completely in the system, staring with WoD. I plan to work through each book, though not in order (i’m going to work through Kingdoms of Flame after WoD and Baneful Magick).
My suggestion is to start with Works of Darkness, and to really immerse yourself in it. It provides an excellent overview of the sytem. You have a background in Wicca so you already have the concentration and visualization skills necessary already developed.
Just my two cents.

If you have the complete works you will find that the OAA syllabus follows pretty much along with the publication history. I am currently working through that along with my usual works whilst reading through the complete works cover to cover

yeah i really like that movie. also, i like a lot of a bad movies:)

but i grew up with it and it was a sexy movie when i saw it, and i think it still is, today.

just FYI to the OP, i started with WoD and repetitions of the exercises detailed therein. after about two weeks, and having worked through most of the book, i had to stop because the lingering effects (persistent astral sight, thought-forms materialising instantaneously etc), i had to stop abruptly as i was convinced that i was losing my mind. when i realised i wasn’t going crazy and the odd stuff settled down (took another week or two), i was ready for evocation.

kind regards, james.

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