Pathworking Soul Travel Course

I bought the soul travel course yesterday. I remember ashtkerr documented his experiences with the divination course and I thought it was really cool so I’ll be documenting my experiences with the soul travel course in his honor.


Day 2: I’m already on section four of the course and I’ll be beginning the excercises today. There are around seven excercises and I’ll be doing them all. I won’t share anything more than the name of the excercise.


Update: I finished all of the excercises and lemme tell you, I feel really high and I haven’t smoked weed in years. EA laughed in the course and said that if you do all of these in one sitting then you’ll feel high as a kite. He was right. At certain points with these excercises I felt pure ecstasy. I think even after I’ve gotten good at soul travel I’ll use these. It’s way cheaper than weed lol.


Day 3: This is an update from yesterday. I had some technical difficulties with the course but they’ve been solved and I literally just got updated with doing the actual soul travel excercises. I’m honestly amazed at how vivid they are becoming and at how simple it really is. EA is an amazing teacher and his stories and insights have given some pretty cool lessons and experiences so far. I’ve soul traveled across my room, outside my house, and in an empty house that I partied in during my high school years. Lots of fun so far. I’m honestly blown away. Now for the fun of affecting the physical plane through the astral :smiling_imp:


Day 4: I’ve visited the elemental realms and spoken to the entities that live there. They’ve given me the blueprints to mastering the elements contained within the planes. I’ve visited multiple locations within the world, some that I have never been to before. I’ve also spoken to an ascended master from the east and gleaned from him the secrets of soul travel. Now for the causal plan.

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Day 5: I’ve moved on from the astral and with the help of that same ascended master I’ve entered the causal plane and begun to pour through the Akashic records. I’ve experienced many of my most significant past lives and upon bringing that awareness back I’ve learned that I’m capable of so much more than I originally thought. I also learned that there is much much more to me than this physical body and that in fact I’ve inhabitaed numerous bodies throughout the ages. After going through countless lives belonging to me and to several others I hovered above the collective unconscious within the causal plane and implanted my desires there to be grown as seeds. I returned to my astral body and began to shift my appearance to suit my needs and wants on the physical. I then started to build my own astral realm and began to populate it with creatures that suited my liking. Soul travel is truly the tool of a god.


What candle you used? I can’t find any indigo candles here…