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Raziel paths of power I started reading your book, Aiming to be friends with Raziel and get what I want on this secret road, I’ll close my eyes and start And I will call out to Previously, I was doing arabic magic, reading the prayers of the Quran, not a pentagram, This is usually about jinn and I was reciting prayers in Arabic, not exile rituals, to drive them Anyway, jinn are inferior beings liars and dirty people now I want to enter into demonology, Raziel is an angel but it interests me so I want to start with it, I was in the dormitory when I did the ritual then no one could interfere, But now I am at home and I have my mother and father, they will never let me do this work because the Muslims.My only way to do it is to perform this ritual at night and I’ll close my eyes and revive, What I want is for the raziel to guide me through this realm and see and speak whenever I want.Do you think he will accept it and will I succeed in this ritual?

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Raziel is the Keeper of God’s Secrets. He can certainly guide you in magick, and I don’t see why he wouldn’t. It’s kind of what he’s known for.

Working in vision, aka pathworking, uses the imagination as a bridge to spiritual contact. It’s a pretty simple process. You don’t need to add anything to the ritual. No prayers are needed. All you need is some alone time to relax, and visualise certain archetypal and elemental images that connect you to the angel. When you first start out using the technique, it might feel like you are just pretending, but eventually the reality of the contact can be startling.

I received the mantras that I posted to the forum from Raziel through this method.

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Oh man I was reading your topics, can you help me?I have family at home and they are Muslim, So you know that because magic is forbidden in my religion, they will humiliate me when they catch, I can only do it in my bed at night while lying down, Otherwise, how do you think I can contact and talk to raziel?

Your family doesn’t even need to know what you’re doing. You can do the pathworking all in your head if you want to. You don’t have to speak anything out loud.

Follow the instructions in the book. It tells you all you need to know.

Yeah I mean, Dk’s right on that. I summon with my kids in the next room sleeping, or if I’m going to have out odd tools that I don’t want them to see I go in the bathroom and sit in the bottom of the bathtub.

Even if they get up and need to pee, short of the smell of incense they aren’t going to look behind the curtain to see if I have water in the tub with me.

I always plan to not work when the kids are here, since I only have them every other weekend, but I always end up doing at least one summoning while they are here due to whatever circumstances.

Banish when your done and no one will ever know or be effected by what your doing unless they are super sensitive.

So I will dream of a cave and a forest of light I will say come raziel I will talk to him in my head.

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I go into demonology first so I don’t know what to do

Yes. Visualise the images in sequence. Then, if you don’t already see Raziel waiting after the last image, call for him.

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Follow the instructions in the book, it’s real simple. I wrote it out step by step but it’s basically imagine divinity approaching, entering you and filling you with light, I think there’s something you chant that starts with Nah then you imagine the four scenes for Raziel, moving from one to the next and at the end you call out Raziel’s name out loud or in your mind.

You can literally do it anywhere if you can remember the pathworking images, I eventually stopped using the ritual he gives. It’s simple and designed to get you into the right state of mind, but I worked with his books for about 40 days and didn’t need it at the end of that.


I have never used the author’s opening ritual. It’s optional so you don’t have to do it, especially if you’re worried about what your family is going to think about you chanting Hebrew. You can simply relax and go right into the first image without calling to divinity first.


:rofl: :rofl: and you’re always complaining about me reinventing the wheel and turns out you skip rituals that I at least tried!!! :rofl:

I always try them at least once, I don’t always use them at all and modify them after that, but I always try them at least once! lmao (Unless you’re talking stupid ingredients, then fck that- I do me)

I close my eyes just trying to think of dark caves and waterfalls but nothing at all.

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The opening ritual is basically cribbed from Damon Brand’s Archangels of Magick, with only a few tweaks, so I’ve already used something similar when I worked through that book.


Should I start from this first.

Close your eyes Think about when you were awful or stupid. Imagine Divinity approaching: “NAH-KAH EE-AH-OH-EH” Imagine Divinity entering your heart and spreading to the rest of your body. Know that you and God are one and act with Divine authority.

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See, I can’t make pictures with my mind, so I focused on what did the cave feel like? was the air cool and damp? etc.

Eventually I noticed details that I did not imagine, that I couldn’t see due to aphantasia, but that I knew what they looked like to describe them.

Oh that’s why I liked it. The word of power was appealing to me for some reason, it feels good when you use it, so does Tristan Whitespires at the end of his genius ritual, it just feels good.


That’s the part @DarkestKnight skips. I started skipping it roughly 20 days into my operation, but I liked it, I could like imagine my body lifting up like a cartoon almost and the white light spreading through my limbs in a whimsical manner even though I couldn’t see it- but somedays I’m short on time so I ended up cutting it out in the end, as Dk did in the beginning lmao.

So it’s clearly optional, you can just skip to the four images- the cave, the cave entrance with a waterfall, the waterfall with sunlight, a light filled pine forest.


As already stated, you can use the opening ritual if you want to, but it is optional. The word of power is Hebrew so I don’t know if you want your Muslim family to hear you vibrating it or not. It’s about the only part of the whole process that has to be done out loud, unless you are experienced enough to know how to use the Great Voice and vibrate in a whisper or in silence.


seeing post like this, i could say for us who practice magic and our families support us we are really lucky :innocent:

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I just closed my eyes and started listening to raziel meditation music while lying down, I couldn’t imagine a cave and a forest like the book I just saw an empty darkness and I said please come and be my guide in this realm, After repeating this 5 times, I saw a very small light in the darkness, but it got bigger as you approached.Then I heard no reaction and no sound, I opened my eyes and started to hear little sizzling in my ears and in my room.It was like a very soft water drop that only I can hear.

Keep it up! I’m also going to miss the privacy of my dorm and do when I leave. My mom stopped minding about my magick when I got extreme with her and gave like the most negative definition of what I do possible and she realized I’m gonna do what I want. But my dad, I don’t think I could ever tell him what I do. My stepmom would probably tie me to a bed and have a priest come over to take the demons out of me.
Meditation is a really good way to silently connect with spirits. Raziel is an angel, used to be prayed to, so it shouldn’t be too hard to connect this way. Just try to focus on your shared energy and not other distractions (like the parents). Best of luck! Visualization, meditation, and silent/quiet petitions (prayer, enns, etc.) is likely your best route! Even without “tools,” it’s okay, but if you have incsene, candles, or something it can go a long way.

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