Sometimes one will employ a path for a specific type of work. How would one know which path is necessary for a particular working? Just out of curiosity.

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Usually what the working is for. One will use a green path for healing. Or for inner reflection and growth shadow path ect. Later on though you can pretty much mix and match lol

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Pathways are connected to Archtypes and Archtypes all have attributes associated with them.

The healer
The witch
The High Priestess
The Shaman
The Warrior
The Mambo/Mamba
And there are so many more

Perhpas focus on who you are and what you would like to develop from within ?
This will ignite your insight into the best path. This can be one path or a combination.


Now the second part to this question.
What wevinings go best with what pantheon ???

This is a great practice and question.
So, I have a few replies here.

  1. Focus on the Deity you are drawn to. Then from there review and learn their path.
    Perhpas you have a strong calling to the Goddess Isis. Her majick is based on spiritual development, healing, soul mates.

  2. All paths are wonderful. Each path will complete a weaving, spell, majikle operation, when done correctly. So, to say one path is better. In my way of practicing would be foolish. To say that some paths work more quickly than others. This is true.

Are you seeking quick results, a practice, a journey, or have something very specific you wish to manifest ???

Blessings to your paths
And great question. Thank you for sharing.


But how would one know when the Norse path for example is necessary

Essentially I’m looking for my niche. My place of belonging. So kind of all of the above, but more specifically I want to know where I belong, or rather with what pantheon, if that makes sense. I want to develop and evolve in every sense of the word.


I’m feel your struggle ☆

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I’m a chaote, I don’t recognize paths as things that exist. There actually is a reason why, I just don’t feel like explaining it right this moment. If you really want to know, PM me and I’ll explain it later for you.

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Searching for a spiritual path is like searching for a soulmate. When you find it, you will know it. It’s a lifelong journey. All you have to do is to search. You won’t need other paths, once you find where you belong.
Good luck :slight_smile:


I would go with what samhain, who draws you to the norse path, then go from there what are the deities teachings, then branch out further if more call you.


I’m searching as well♡


Well, beyond that, I’m looking to expand my capabilities and improve spirit communication, intuitive abilities and how to better access them and for more power and control over my environment through Magick.

I think you’ll do better getting a powerful spirits as a mentor than finding a path, paths are (IMO) things to be used for as long as needed, and then discarded, but if you can get a mentor you trust in your life, who is invested in your ascent, they can guide you towards what the next thing is that you need to pursue.

I’m not suggesting passivity and leaving it all up to this spirit, you will be the one doing all the work and making a lot of the decisions, BUT they will have your back, be able to foretell what’s most useful, and especially, what might be harmful or a distraction.

Also, you can work with spirits (like the Norse gods, and the Runes) without being on their path, BUT you can adopt specific pathworkings that can be very intense and even exclusive for the purpose of a working. The point is that the choice is yours.