Pathfinder's log

Jan 2 2022 Sun:

A new journal. Likely to be an assorted mix of things.


Towards the end of December, I’d finally decided to burn a petition to Clauneck that I’d been sitting on for some time.

When I brought it out I started to trance as his sigil on the paper was already active.

I read the petition aloud stating my intent with conviction, and took some moments to really focus on the paper.

I saw the page become energized with a black nebulous energy that seemed to move like Tv static mixed with smokey fog.

"YOU WILL BE HEARD" resounded in my mind.

Thank you Lord Clauneck, I look forward to your help and guidance in the year to come.

A very interesting development recently is the following:

I had taken a ritual bath (nothing fancy, mostly intention and calling to Astarte).

The following night I ended up having an interesting dream.

I knew I was in a foreign country and it felt like it might be up in the mountains somewhere or at least a higher elevation.

I walked into a building and into a room.

I couldn’t tell if this was someone’s house or a building I was apparently using as an altar in another country.

Upon this altar with lots of red was a statue of a female.

My mind kept flashing “MARIA PADILLA” and I knew this was the pomba gira.

I’d evidently brought with me a host of food as a large offering with enough leftover for the people that seemed to live here as some kind of servants or caretakers of the grounds.

A girl asked me “why do you come from such a long way?” And a conversation ensued.

It was also flashed through my mind something about candles being placed on a + and an ×, the significance of which isn’t really clear to me.

While talking to the girl, the statue seemingly had broken or fallen apart and I was tenderly and lovingly putting it back together.

What I was putting back together was some kind of Batfaced figure instead though apparently still the pomba gira? Dunno what to make of that…

Later in the dreami came across jugs of some kind of candle making supply which I inferred as some kind of sign that I was supposed to make some kind of candles…


The next day I was trying to look up information about maria padilha, and was reading about the historical maria de Padilla while this song came on that felt oddly fitting…

Kinda gave me that “wtf is happening right now” feeling…

(I also ended up watching this video about the “rite of retribution” which I felt a wierd nudge about. Like astarte was telling me to consider it as a way of letting go of things [shadow work?])

I ended up finding out that her offerings [Pomba Gira] are usually done on Friday (and Mon).

What ya know, the last day of the year was gonna be Friday.

I had some nice chocolates I’d snagged earlier, and some “Al Capone” cigarillos I’d purchased the week before for a potential future offering.

Went to the liquor store and was going to buy either rum or maybe wine but felt very drawn (and through some light partial possession I guess) was lead over to an end so with champagne.


There was a heavy insistence on champagne or sparkling wine so I grabbed a bottle.

I found it amusing when the cashier told me “this one is very good!” (One that was being drawn to my attention)

Traditionally, the offerings are made after midnight so I waited for the new year to ring in and opened up the bottle and made the offering to maria padilha. Seemed like it was well received.

We shall see what comes of this.

It was really funny to learn later that maria padilha is said to be very fond of her champagne.

Well, I’ll be damned.

(A rather long video, but it felt pretty informative:)

(I also read an article that made mention of having a vessel for pomba gira which funnily enough lines up with something I’ve been working on with Hekate’s guidance over the course of many days…and possibly some other things I might be getting into…)

(I also thanked the various spirits I’d worked with during the year of 2021, and asked for their continued guidance and wisdom as well as those spirits I have yet to work with)

Last night I initialized “the pact of sinistral majesty” as outlined by V.K. Jehannum…

I’ve been feeling a draw to Lucifuge Rofocale for awhile now so it kinda just made sense.

It was an odd feeling when I did it. Like it was expected…Gave me the feeling it was less my idea and more Lucifuge’s. Such is it how it is with these things at times…

I had wanted to maybe change a few things about it, but was told “Do it as outlined.” Somewhat sternly. Okay.

Pretty simple anyway. A nightly prayer. A black candle every Saturday. And each week an invocation of a new demon that you haven’t worked with before…

The prayer:

Agios o Lucifage! (Lucifuge?)

Spirit of Blackness, Lord Over Archfiends, bestow your darksome blessing upon my spiritual path. Help me develop as a sorcerer and psychic. Grace me with the communion of the Infernal Divine. Bless me with possession and demonic might.

Salve Lucifuge Rofocale (x3)
[Translation: Hail Lucifuge Rofocale]

Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia!

(“Bless me with possession is of particular interest, as funnily enough the pomba gira is very much associated with possession…or am I tripping?”)

She is associated with associated with the number seven, crossroads, graveyards, spirit possession.

I might be drawing unnecessary conclusions…

I plan to do the invocations on Sunday primarily.

First up I’d like to invoke Prince Orobas! :crown: :racehorse:

This morning I did an invocation of Lubber Samekh after the LBRP out in the woods admidst doing some Qi Gong (which I hadn’t done in a good while)


Jan 3 2022:


Dunno if it was all the nightmare talk, or something to do with lucifuge, but I had a nightmare.

I was in some strange farm/rural homestead kind of place.

There was apparently some kind of monster inside the home and a lady (apparently my “mother”) was in bed in another room.

I went to retrieve or save her and then a dude who was my brother busted in pretending to be the monster like an ass only for the actual hulking thing to come out right behind him (it was very much like one of the soldat zombies from resident evil village).

I ran out to get to the truck and escape but it had apparently been destroyed.

I made a mad sprint towards what was apparently the direction of “the village” while jumping over things.

I wouldn’t make it though as a strange hopping dinosaur thing with a worm like face was coming towards me.

I kept screaming out to the family behind me “DONT COME THIS WAY! DONT COME THIS WAY, I FUCKED UP! IM SORRY!”

i was devoured and woke up with a start while I could still hear various voices screaming "NOOOOOO" resounding through my mind.

What the hell.

I believe the time was a little after 4 or 5.

Last night I had brought out lucifuge’s sigil for the nightly prayer.

I could tell it already has an energy about it.

I grabbed one of the few black tealights from Halloween I have left. A bit of a sacrifice, and a gesture of good will (as I try to save them for certain occasions). This was well received.

I was listening to some music this song had come on my shuffle while doing the prayer and lighting the candle for Lucifuge. *Whitenoiseblackvoid seems oddly fitting…

Afterwards I was going to do my invocation of Prince Orobas.

Previously, Prince Orobas has reached out to me before when I’d been reading about him and even helped me pick out a wine for him some months back that I backburnered for the future. (I was told not to touch this bottle until I called on him, and though it was tempting I didn’t).

Funnily enough it’s a bottle of “Dark horse” red blend.

I grabbed the bottle, and also a bag of mountain blend trail mix (this was met with a sort of dissatisfaction, as he’d already been hanging around before the invocation).

When I grabbed some of the fancy chocolates I heard an enthusiastic whinny in my mind. Apparently a good choice.

Earlier, I almost had my last bottle of old Rasputin (beer) but was told not to do that as I’d be drinking the wine for the invocation.

When picking out a candle I briefly wondered what Orobas color would be and rather quickly I heard “It’s blue” very matter of factly. Blue candle it is.
(Tbh, I don’t pay a lot of attention to the correspondences and try to wing it when I can)

I grabbed my nicer tray that I use sometimes and placed his sigil on it and got the candle ready.

When I had turned off the light, the darkness felt palpable and almost alive around me as the candlelight danced and flickered. Was actually feeling pretty spooky…

Admittedly, I didn’t bring my A game and it was a bit hard to focus.

Though I don’t care much for the Enns at this point, I decided to grab my mala and recite his enn while gazing at the flame.
Jaden Tasa Host Naca Orobas

I started to see impressions of a horse around me, and was told to uncork the wine.

I was then instructed to pour a rather tall glass of it. “Orobas…trying to get me drunk?” Lol

(“Prince”) he seemingly corrected. My bad, Prince Orobas :crown: :horse:.

I asked him to step into me to enjoy the wine, chocolates, and music through me (or if preferable to energetically skim off/through me).

When I had initially chosen the music, I was told “really, is that what were setting on?”

Okay, something else then …


How bout…

“ROCK! Let’s rock!”

Threw on some classic rock and skipped to something energetic

After a bit I started to fel a need to sort of dance in my seat while moving my hands around to the music

“Yes! Now drink!”

I proceeded to drink the wine, eat the treats and feel a sort of glee while I listened to the music and jamming out.

The whole while I’d get impressions of Orobas next to me.

Seemed like he thought I was being to stiff and he wanted me to loosen up a lot more.

I had a some struggle at certain points where my mind started to interfere and interject various things (some negative) but he helped me through these as I gazed at the flame and decentered.

His vibe and energy was very chill. Exhuberant. Like a very confident youth full of life and enjoying the moment.

I also got a very happy horsey vibe (if you’ve ever been around horses you probably know what I mean).

At some point while gazing at the flame (this may have been lucifuge) I heard the following in a deep voice:

"I have always been with you…"
"I('ve) know(n) your pain…I’ve seen your suffering…"

(I’ve forgotten some of what was said)

Some of what was communicated at this moment was wordless but in the same vein and I felt a sort of old/deep sadness (my own) and some other emotions wash over me as they resonated with what was communicated.

After this I was a bit tired and didn’t know what to do.

Prince Orobas gently nudged me to call it a night and go to bed.

I thanked him and told him his presence was gladly received and that he was free to hang around if he liked, or leave if he must.

One of the things I understood is that he is eager to work with me.

Hail Prince Orobas!

Hail Lucifuge! The one who flees the light

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Goddamnit, I forgot the nightly prayer I’m supposed to be doing last night (at least I’m pretty sure I forgot).

Had a couple drinks, got tired and went to bed.

I’ll probably have to go with my initial inclination and say it sometime just after nightfall so I don’t end up forgetting about it.

(Since it gets dark around 6pmcurrently)

Will make apology to Lucifuge tonight…

Last night was watching the Witcher season 2, ep 2.

Kinda liked Geralts words at the end:

“Nowhere safe now. You can’t run from the world. You can’t hide from it.”

“But you can find power, and purpose. All you have to do, is hold your sword close and keep moving”.


On the topic of wise words, while contemplating the “rite of retribution” and a target I have in mind (and baneful magic generally) the following statement by norse900 some time back came up in my memory as it’s stuck with me:

you’re trying to explain the internal benefit of cursing targets…and this is what comes out…

“Well, incense, candles, and blood are cheaper than therapy…”

On another note, I kinda want to experiment with this:

*“The Exiled Key”

Should be easy enough to implement as a background piece in other things I’m doing, I think.

The next demon I’d like to invoke, which I may end up doing sooner rather than later is amduscias.

This demon stuck out to me because of the line about “can make trees end to the magicians will”.

Now, the way I read that is that he can help with the spirits of trees, and bring them under the magicians control or something.

Which I feel a bit vindicated on by this:

My interest is very piqued…

I’ve been connecting with trees for a few months now probably since July at least.

One of the more recent developments in this is that I now see the faces of trees with relative ease and each face seems to give me a bit of a glance at it’s character sometimes. Some of the faces are very subtle as to be nearly imperceptible but I see them all the same. Some are rather whimsical or otherworldly looking. (never expected that this perception would awaken as much as it has, especially since I put relatively minimal effort into it.)
Which was largely inspired by this article:

I’ve connected with various trees at this point

Lately it feels like Sycamore is reaching out to me.

More than a week ago I was out on a long walk and ends up in a part of the city I never go to where there’s a cemetery.

This cemetery has more than a few large sycamore trees in it (they’re quite beautiful).

Later on I noticed a large sycamore that’s actually rather close to where I live that I somehow never noticed.

This last weekend I was in the woods and saw sycamore leaves on the ground.

I looked around and found what has to be just about the only sycamore in those woods on a trail I haven’t taken because it’s usually overgrown when everything’s green.

Just earlier today, I got a little lost on the way home and chanced upon a lone sycamore as I was driving by.

It’s funny, because up until recently I’d been keeping my eye out but hadn’t seen any.
Go figure …

In those same woods, there’s a lot of pecan trees.

Back in August I’d been walking a trail and passed a sapling (rather big, maybe around 15 ft? But you could kinda shake it which I like to do playfully with the younger trees).

As I passed it I sensed a feminine loving energy that seemed to call to me from this tree.

I came up to it, and couldn’t help but lean on it and take in this loving energy.

Hell, I even hugged it (while feeling like an absolute fool and madman)

This lasted for a few minutes before I decided to move on feeling touched and thankful for the experience (I mighta got just a tad misty eyed).

(It’s also interesting to note that there was a sort of divide when I entered this section of the forest, as it felt a lot more serene and peaceful, and “naturey” then the section before it. Like how you might expect a forest that sees no humans to feel.)

I had a similar experience a couple of months later.

Walking around my city I was checking out a patch of very large bald cypress trees.

Amidst these there was a juniper sapling (I think it was juniper) in a ditch.

Internally I could feel a resonance with this tree that felt like an old friend or loved relative as I walked over to it to feel it’s foliage and check it out.

Again I felt a loving energy while I observed and touched this tree.

When I’m out and about I like to put my hands on the trees I come across as I passby.

One: to leave an energetic handprint on the tree

Two: to greet and make myself known to that tree(s)

In doing this I’ll try to take in what I can of that tree as I passby and if no one’s observing I might verbally say a “hello friend” or something.

On my jaunts I also like to bring back home things from some of the trees if I feel they are obliging. Bits of bark, seeds/nuts[/berries], leaves…

These artifacts I hold onto (for awhile) so that in future I can connect with, or to call in the energies of the trees into my home.

Another interesting instance that occured some time back:

I park under a large pecan tree.

Most of its pecans aren’t edible and the squirrels mostly get to them (eating them in the green stage).

One day I came out to my vehicle, and on the ground next to it was a good pecan right in my path as if waiting for me. It felt like very much like a gift.

I thanked the tree internally and picked up the nut to eat or plant.

This last weekend I was a city over in the woods and took a trail that’s normally overgrown.

I chanced upon a small clearing that somebody seemed to have built the beginning of a small shelter or lean from various sticks and logs of many sizes.

Maybe it was because of an unconscious sense of “trespassing” that I ended up seeing an astral sold come out and sort of angrily go for my lower Dan Tien (or sacral chakra).

I didn’t care for this and told it to fuck off.

It told me it was the guardian (or spirit) of this particular patch of the wood.

I didn’t know what to think, but apologized if I wasn’t quite welcome there and as the trail had ended and I saw what there was to see decided to go back.

The wolf seemed to eye me with some curiosity as well as annoyance.

Could’ve been a thoughtform, I don’t know.


Totally forgot I said that, but HELL YEAH! Absolutely!


I’ve yet to activate this but went ahead and drew it out as best as I could…

I used a small ruler and triangle I’ve got laying around for no particular reason, that I got from office max awhile back.

I found a certain relaxation washed over me as I worked on the triangle and the various lines.

Not sure if that was an effect of the sigil itself, or the geometry, or just being engaged in something like that.

It was rather satisfying. I may need to delve into sacred geometry as a relaxation method, I dunno.

Tbh though I’m not quite satisfied with the result as it’s not entirely symmetrical and I might’ve gotten some of the placements a little off towards the center. But it’s a good start anyway.

Besides a face in the sigil, it kinda gives me a jellyfish, or squid like vibe with the triangle and the dangling “arms” :squid:


Jan 7th 2022:

Earlier this week I went to make my apology to Lucifuge for the night I had missed in doing “the nightly prayer”.

Not having the recommended items I pressed for what I might have on hand that would be agreeable.

(“Dragon’s blood”)

I was mentally shown the few cones I have on hand that haven’t been used.

I hate these, because they have an underlying smell that’s a lot like stinky cigarette smoke to them, and the tar that gets left behind smells like an ashtray and bbq smoke combined. (They’re the Walmart cone incense). I’ve only ever used them outside really, on top of rocks.

I wasn’t keen on this at all.

"How about something else?.."


I mulled this over and reluctantly decided to acquiesce to the demand.

My discomfort at the smell that would linger would just have to be part of the sacrifice I guess, and seeing as this is supposed to be a minor pact I’m doing, it didn’t make sense to argue the oint very hard when I was supposed to be making amends.

Very well …

Afterwards I said the prayer for that night.

Upon completion:


It was my understanding that I still needed to say the prayer for the one I had missed.

I obliged.

Whereas the first time I was definitely feeling something in saying it and kind of got into it, the second reputation felt strangely dull, flat, and without energy. Just words.

I found this a bit curious but didn’t linger on it.

That day I’d been feeling like there was some kind of pull to Lucifer.

I have a hand drawn grand Luciferian circle in a notebook that I spent time making months back (mid 2021 I guess).

I brought it out and proceeded to both listen to and recite this invocation:

As I’ve said before, I’ve gotten to where I don’t care much for the enns and part of that is that some of them seem a bit arbitrary.

For instance, you can use “renich tasa uberaca biasa icar ______” (otherwise Lucifer’s enn) whenever you call a demon in the east relating to air it seems. (This applies to the other “directional enns” [Jaden tasa hoet naca ____] [lirach tasa Vefa wehlic ____] [ganic tasa fubin ____])

And for someone like Lucifer it feels like something more concerted is preferable, at least for my taste.

After a bit I started to feel a heavy feeling as I started to trance out, and pricked my finger with one of my new lancets (28 guage, as the 33 guage I’d been using previously wasnt really cutting it).

I bloodied the seal and a sort of mild partial possession seemed to be occuring as my finger was being lead around the page Abit. I remember drawing a pentagram over the page at one point.

At one point I almost seemed to shake just a bit while my body felt heavy and I leaned forward in front of the table.

After a bit I felt the okay to discontinue and go to bed (as it was late and I was pretty tired).

I said some thanks and asked for guidance in my dreams and in the days to come.

Don’t remember what I dreamt that night but it seemed like there was a lot of strange things in my sleep.

So far it’s been a bit quiet on that front. :woman_shrugging:

"Oh, divine luminary! Thou shineth! Like sunbeams penetrating the foundations of the earth! Thine Grace ignites the seeds of creation! Burn my flesh thou light of lights! Most emminent perfection! Most magnificent of sights!"

I’ve actually been really frustrated the past few days and it feels like my attention deficit has really been getting in my way ( on top of other things).

The last few months of 2021 were rough, especially after November, and quite frankly a certain kind of soft functional alcoholism occurred in December as a stress response.

I’ve mostly petered off of that now but I may need to swear off alcohol for awhile.

The last couple months also made me realize rather uncomfortably that I have more trauma than I’m willing to admit to myself (because I’ve tended to downplay, minimize, or otherwise overlook it).

I even had a moment of what was a sort of PTSD episode in the second week of December. I woke up in the middle of the night having a sort of flashback or something and was just racked with anxiety, probably bordering on a mild sort of panic or something.

(This was preceded by a few weeks of anxiety and stress do to some circumstance and inconvenience I was dealing with).

I tried to blow it off as a result of bad dreams or something but the feeling wouldn’t go away so I did the LBRP not knowing if perhaps some lingering energies were contributing to my state or not.

I fervently thanked the angels while doing this as I felt awful.

I then did Liber Samekh afterwards to try to balance and calm myself.

The bornless ritual is very assertive and in asserting your power and authority can be very grounding.

Which it was.

I then called on Luna (keteriyas servitor) and asked her to ward and banish my home til I got past whatever this trying time I was dealing with. (And my home has felt very calm, and balanced afterward [thank you Luna])

I felt like shit the whole day and some of the next but got past it. It was definitely a minor ordeal.

Yesterday, I’d gone on a walk and towards the end on my way home I finally chanced on some river birch(es) that are part of the landscaping by a building.

I’d given up on ever finding any out and about, and lo! Right there not far from where I live but in a part of the neighborhood I don’t go by.

I grabbed some of the papery bark off one for possible future use.

Today, I will do the invocation of a new demon for the thing I’m doing with Lucifuge.

While I was thinking of amduscias, I kind of would prefer to do something more with them so I might opt for another.

We will see.

It would seem in my other pursuits that I’m being lead to some kind of hoodoo kind of stuff maybe.

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Jan 10 2022:

Last night was a bit interesting…

As of this past Saturday I’m a week in to my six week Lucifuge working.

Last night I brought the sigil out and would’ve lit a candle for the “nightly prayer” but was instructed against this it seemed.

Put away the sigil.

I said the prayer around 9 pm but felt that this was somehow not ideal and that I’m supposed to be saying it later.

But y’know what, I gotta wake up early in the mornings. Lol

Something that occurred to me last night is that the line *“bless me with possession(s)” can be said and meant with a double meaning.

Physical possessions, as lucifuge is associated wealth acquisition/abundance.

And spiritual possession (which is something that’s interested me for awhile, and I do feel a calling to it seems).

Trying to mean two things and hold both intentions simultaneously can be an interesting exercise…

Rather than Amduscias, I finally settled on invoking Prince Seere.

I’d spent the previous hours cleaning and straightening the home (it needed it).

Id been running various errands otherwise.

For the invocation I settled on using this meditation:

I’ve previously had good success with a couple of their meditations.

I lay down and proceeded to relax and mentally recite “invoco te Seere” or while exhaling as I listened.
(Largely inspired by another users journal, and a method that helped me contact Namaah a couple years ago).

At one point it felt as though a presence came up to my bedside but it was a faint sort of feeling, so I’m not really sure.

My visualization wasn’t really up to snuff last night so I struggled a bit, and in comparison to ASMR that I like to listen to as I lie in bed, I found some of the meditation a bit jarring as she would say something here and there. I soldiered on though.

As I got to the part of the meditation where you meet Seere so you can look into the pool, I wasn’t really getting much and thought I might need to get up to tackle this another way…

And then all of a sudden I saw a strange almost story book kind of figure in my mind.

It was tall, dark and seemed to be made of an earthy material that could’ve been, rock or a lot like tree bark in texture. Couldn’t really tell. A sort of sticky build but long, and stop it’s head was a crown with elongated points.

(Not unlike this, but taller, and simpler)

It’s eyes glowed red…

(Oh, shit. Well here we go I guess…)

It pointed to the pool of water.

Something I like about this meditation is that it’s about your own personal treasure that Seere will reveal to you.

I pulled a lantern out of the pool.

This made a lot of sense to me, and tied into some personal symbolism that is relavent to me.

Next…I pulled out a large Ruby…curious…

I wasn’t sure what this signified, and started to lose my focus on the meditation.

I tried for awhile to maintain it and see if I could get past the ruby but it was nothing doing.

I thanked Seere and asked them to follow up with me in my dreams and sleep if possible and drifted off while reciting “invoco the Seere” in my mind.

I had some strange dreams.

At some point I seemed to be in Egypt and there was a tall man that looked like the guy from the mummy.

He was saying something about coming to bring an end to the sun (or it’s light? Something …) And somehow I understood this to be related to Lucifuge in some strange way.

I woke up at 3;25am…

Drifted off again, this time I seemed to have a vivid dream where I was in a snowy area or something outside.

A figure that more less seemed to be Ragnar Lothbrok came up beside me and knelt down (I seemed to be lying down myself, or crouched I’m not sure, fairly typical of the more vivid “visitations” I’ve had in the past…)

What followed was a sort pep talk, but also a callout where I was being told to “seize the moment” and such like.

A bit of a scolding that ended with a lighthearted sort of nod and a confidant smile.

(It was amusing that as I spoke to the figure he seemed to morph and change appearance a bit as if there was an instability in his appearance, towards the end he looked more akin to Ivar the boneless but…better looking? Lol)

I woke up again. Tired at this intermittent sleep but determined to get the last few bits of snooze before I’d have to be up for work.

Today I’d had enough with this one jackass I kinda deal with off and on.

I’ve told him to fuck off a few times, and he’s aware that I don’t have the kindest disposition towards him.

But he’s a dumbass and decided to rub me the wrong way today.

I’ve been patient, but lately I’m not in the mood for bullshit or disrespect.

I grabbed some twine, and went out to my outdoor space I use.

Performed the lbrp, and then followed with liber samekh.

Lit of cone of incense and pulled the twine out to do a binding with a knot curse.

9 knots

I wanted to burn it, but it wouldn’t burn very well.

I threw it into a old burrow.

“I cast you into the earth! Get fucked forever!”

I spit into the hole.

At this point I felt what seemed like a few enthusiastic presences that seemed to be volunteering for this.

I accepted.

I was going to put stipulations, and this was met with a vague annoyance and a sort of…disappointment?

After a quick exchange I was told:
"What must be, WILL BE"

(i understood this as a way of saying “the cats out of the bag” and to say that the arrow was loosed. Anything else was an attempt at mitigation of what I already set in motion:woman_shrugging:)

I had assumed these were some land spirits.

But it occurred to me later that I forgot I have a sort of gate (that remains…sealed…mostly, I think…) In this space and that my “volunteers” might be of a different flavor…this gave me a wicked glee. Things might just get very interesting…

As the next few hours progressed I was feeling a simmering anger at this person.

It’s a good start but I’ve really had it with the bullshit.

I will likely do more in the coming days unless I lose steam and stop caring about it. At the very least a call to vine to take down whatever protections he may have (strengthen the binding).

Raum is also tempting…

I actually have his printed picture tucked in a grimoire backburnered for such an event.

Jan 11 '22:

Had some pretty wierd dreams.

Something about a group of mages on the run, one of whom was dressed as a nun.

I think she breastfed somebody for some reason (:no_mouth:)

There was also something about a cat, or was it my cat? I don’t properly recall.

The thing that stood out most was being in front of a large opening to what seemed to be the sewer…

Stop the opening, there was a jar in a ledge with a frog, a small kitten, and a rat.

Upon looking at this jar I remarked:
"BA’AL" (K Bael)

There may have been something else about a frog…

Did the jar signify a type of spirit vessel?

Back in early December due to extenuating circumstances I won’t get into, it would’ve been fairly inconvenient for it to be raining as much as was forecasted.

I had lain down the night before it was supposed to start raining largely dismissive because it had been a fairly pleasant day.

I woke up that night with a lot of wind going on outside and blowing through my city.


I drifted off annoyed and perturbed.

But as I was doing so I thought “I should try to reach out to Bael…”

As I mentally reached out to the king and brought my current predicament and request to the forefront of my mind, I started to feel a lot of energy as I lay in a semiconscious state of light sleep.

The energy seemed to pulse and squeeze around me and I could feel a light blanketing.

I fell asleep like this.

The next day I awoke thinking it was probably more a dream than anything.

Walked out my door…

Nothing. Stillness. There might’ve been some moisture but it was clear.

“Huh…well goddamn. I guess Bael really did come through. Holy…shit.”

I wanted to think of it as a coincidence but for the next two weeks or so, my city hardly got more than a small sprinkle (if that) while it would rain elsewhere.

Up until it was finally no longer an inconvenience to me.

Bael did me a solid on that front. For damn sure.

Today it would seem some chaos is already afoot that on the tail end of yesterday, I can’t help but think is related to my recent knot working, and my volunteers

I’ll see as the days progress.

I may need to do something to mitigate collaterall, as it seems at least one instance (maybe…2) are collateral…

Last night I meant to bring out some wine for Prince Orobas, but didn’t get around to it.

Tonight I’ll put out a glass for him (as its his week apparently, and he seemed very eager to work with me when I previously called him).

Jan 15th 2022:
Satur(n)day :ringer_planet:

Last night I meant to put a glass of wine out for Prince Orobas, but alas it slipped my mind, and I wasn’t going to do it without putting the proper attention into it. Ah, well…

(Today I will make the offering of the weekly candle which marks week #2 of the 6 I’m supposed to do…)

The other night I was doing the nightly prayer and couldn’t help but feel it leaves something to be desired. But I was instructed to do this as outlined so…:woman_shrugging:

(I might wish to make another run, but change some things and put a more personal touch on it, we’ll see…for now at least, this is an appetizer and the introductory course)

In the lore, I was reading somewhere about how Lucifuge is reluctant to appear when summoned.

As the one who “flees the light” I kinda feel like this is in line with not wanting to come into the phenomal world and the light of manifestation or…something like that. I’m not really sure how to word my thinking on this.

Lately I found myself thinking of Azazel…

Which makes sense in the context of this lucifuge thing I’ve got going.

Azazel is very saturnian and dark.

My experiences with him have been rather a bit spooky at times.

When I’ve “seen” him, he’s appeared as a deep black shadow being with horns at times and eyes that glow enough as to project beams of light…

I was feeling very frustrated yesterday about a number of things. It’s been aggravating.

Last night I decided I was going to Call on Opfaal…

Lbrp, then liber samekh.

Grabbed a blue candle.

Felt a pull to use some river birch bark which at first I doubted but then changed my mind and went with it.

Drew Opfaal’s sigil on it.

I then set about calling them:

“Come Opfaal! I call you, I summon you, I conjure you! Hear my voice! My voice calls to you across space and time! My voice reaches out to the foundations of the world! My voice calls in every time and every place! Come to me Opfaal, come into this temple! Come into this space!”

I grabbed the candle and started rubbing it between my hands like trying to start a fire adding my energy and heat to it as I continued:

Come, hear [here]!
“*Come, here [hear]
Again and again, and again with growing momentum as I rubbed the candle between my hands and I started to trance a bit.

"I am here…" (The voice was very feminine and yet like a very youthful male)

Thank you for coming Opfaal, I have called you on behalf of another, this one (the requester), and if I may, I have two other targets I seek your help with.

I sensed this was agreeable.

I lit the candle.

Thank you Opfaal.


(I was asked to blood their sigil and I did)


I went to get the incense

“You’re a bit under prepared…” (This as said more as an observation, but also as a critique)

I’m sorry, was trying to keep it a bit simple.

I blooded then lit the incense.

I’d been receiving flashes of my abundance rune sigil I’d received months ago on the opposite side of the bark.

I was asked to do this, so I obliged.
(There had been a feeling I was getting like while this operation would be good it wouldn’t address everything, like there was some further circumstance(s) or complications at play. When I agreed to put this other sigil into this mix I felt like this was a good addition and would help with some of the other matters to some extent or other)

I drew it out and proceed to activate it.

“I plant the rune ingwaz upon this birch! I seed the potential for harvest! It puts out its roots through gebo! It receives vitality and strength through ansuz and tiwaz! It brings forth abundance through fehu! And the harvest is reaped from where it began, jera seeded in ingwaz!”

I proceeded to chant the runes in whatever pattern came to me while variously interspersing such statements through out while holding my hands out in front of it in a triangle (manifestation mudra) and peering at it through my hands pushing energy and intent into it…

"ᛜ ᚷ ᚷ ᛏ ᛏ ᚨ ᚨ ᚠ ᚠ ᚠ ᛃ ᛜ ᚷ ᚨ ᛏ ᚨ ᛏ ᚷ ᚨ ᛏ ᚨ ᛏ ᚠ ᚠ ᚠ ᛃ ᛜ ᚷ ᚷ ᚨ ᛏ ᚨ ᛏ ᚨ ᛏ ᚨ ᛏ ᚠ ᚠ ᚠ ᛃ "

When I felt this was enough blooded it with a further statement of activation and power.

I sensed this was good and asked if anything else was desired and went over the charge(s) a final time.


“Through alchemy of fire, and blood, I send this forth in the candle flame to be transmuted in it’s calcination (ash)” (I said this more or less)

I then burned the birch bark and set its blackened crispy remains in front of the candle.

“Dismiss me”

Very well, I thank you Opfaal and release you to go forth and execute this charge. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The candle flame burned high and cleanly, leaving very little behind when done. I take this as a good sign.

And that was it. I felt a bit drained and the headache I had before this seemed to worsen so before long I ended up going to bed to try to sleep it off (went to sleep rather early tbh).

I dreamed some strange things last night, but my memory of it seems to have slipped.

Last night I woke up at one point because I heard a female voice calling out to me in a sort of coaxing, sing songy and playful kind of way using a nickname that I don’t really use for myself but that others have used with me (that’s close to my real name and a play on it referencing a famous actor).

“_______🎶 ______🎶 ______🎶”

I could hear it in my light state of sleep and without thinking really thought I had to get up to see who it was…

Of course when I opened my eyes I realized that I was alone and there wasn’t any way anybody was there calling me and otherwise wouldn’t be in my place either.

A bit dumbfounded but amused, I laughed it off while wondering who it might’ve been (Lilith that you? :eyes:)

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve had an occurrence like that.

Last night was Friday, and I’d kinda meant to make an offering to Pomba Gira. I wonder if it was her…:dancer:

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Forgot about this:

Last night after I finished with Opfaal I kept getting impressions of a white misty group of figures looking at me and seemingly talking amongst themselves kind of excitedly or whatever.

When I would put my attention on them they would kind of go POOF and disappear/dissipate until I took my attention off them.

I think there was between four and five presences in the group but I couldn’t get anything individual as it seemed like the would intermittently spread out a bit and coalesce together.

I blew this off as my imagination maybe, but then again it might be related to the voice that woke me up.

Jan 18th 22 Tues:

Sunday night I decided to do a sort of petition to King Vine for two targets.

I drew out the sigil, and as I did so I started to have a strange sort of feeling/experience with it as if it was some large imposing tower in front of me and I could see banners hanging off of it. (There may have been a gate).

I also felt like I was seeing a medieval sort of knights helmet.

Once I had the sigil good, I started to gaze at it as I recited the enn.

It was a bit late and I was somewhat sleep deprived (between 1&2 am), and I could see a darkness to my right side that seemed to move in my peripheral vision. It gave me the sense of being watched by a presence peeking from just outside my vision.

After I’d gazed at the sigil long enough, and it felt good, I proceeded to think of my targets and how I felt towards them. I wrote down what I wanted over the sigil in red ink.

I then spoke to Vine once again iterating my will.

Tear down their defenses, their “towers”, and leave them wide open. (One of them being a previous target I did a knot spell against), I also emphasized that they should be so defenseless as to pick up whatever astral nastiness they come across in their day to day (parasites, negative energies, etc).

I signed the page and put my personal sigil/seal on it.

I then went over the targets names and started agressively crossing them out with my finger in cutting swipes as I cussed at them and told them they were fucked.

I finally drew a reverse invoking pentagram
Over the page in red ink, followed by a circle widdershins.

I grabbed the page with tongs, struck a match and through holy sulfur and flame lit it on fire as I said “get fucked!”

I definitely felt a drain after this…

I also made a petition to give one of my targets Nightmares for a period of about a month, or at the very least make their rest very bad. (I’ll be interested to see how this plays out or what it yields)

I had also drawn out the sigil of Raum on another page but decided to leave be for the time being.

While I was at it, I’d been thinking of Namaah for awhile off and on (maybe her reaching out to me) so I decided to do something there too.

This time I drew out a hendecagram dominating the page and within it one of her sigils.

I then wrote over these again in red ink my petition for her to help me with the things that are in her purview.

After all that I went to bed for the night.

Last night, I called on Andromalius, Marbas, and Lucifer…

I started by drawing out Lucifer’s sigils as inthat would be the most time consuming.

Then Andromalius…

No sooner had I set the notepad aside and a deep voice cut into my mind somewhat authoritatively.

(“Why do you call me?”)

Holy shit, “I call you on behalf of ano-”

(“WAIT!..I will come back…”)

I sensed that I should wait til I actually do everything.


I had to go to the laundry room to check on my clothing, walked out the door and was a surprised when I saw a shadow on the stairwell/runway/porch? (I’m on the second story) walking away from the wall for a moment.

I took a moment to see if I could replicate this somehow, but the problem was that there wasn’t a soul around to have caused this shadow, and it wasn’t my own as all the lights sources were in the wrong places.

Moreover, I saw it in a space that wasn’t even a surface for a shadow to be on, and in fact with the full moon and various street lights, it was too dark to be a regular shadow cast by anything.

I’d only seen it for a moment, but admittedly after running through everything quickly this was actually pretty creepy and gave me a sort of chill for a bit.

It was also pretty exciting. (This is gonna be good! I thought)

After having made dinner and some internal judgement I also drew out the sigil of Marbas.

I was going to bring the triangle of manifestation out but sensed not to. Ok

Grabbed a yellow candle, a black one, rum, matches, and two sticks of sandalwood incense. The tongs, and a burn bowl.

Did a banishing, then followed with Liver Samekh (bornless rite)

My first objective was Marbas.

Similar to how I called Opfaal I rubbed the candle (yellow) between my hands while chanting his name.

But then I lit it and as his sigil is a bit triangular I placed it smack dab in the center and proceeded to call him.

He came and I outlined the charge.

I blooded the incense at request, but not the sigil as he doesn’t want that just yet (he did ask for a bit of the rum.)

I thanked him, and burned the sigil setting his candle and incense to the side.

Next was Andromalius.

It seemed pretty evident that he was already pretty close and I was receiving intuitions and impulses.

RUM on the candle…

RUM on the incense!

RUM on the sigil!

A shot glass full of RUM!

The whole time there was this strange feeling of a kind of interesting manic glee or something. Under the right circumstances I think I’d probably have been lead to throw or smear rum on everything like it was paint or something…

Lit the candle (black) and dripped some of the wax onto the sigil. Lit the incense.

Overall, andromalius gave me an impression of being very no bullshit and to the point. (I actually somewhat reflexively said “yes, sir” when rum was asked for in the shotglass and when I was prompted for more)

I outlined the charge (there was a sort of “get to the point” vibe) and in the spots where the page wasn’t wet with rum, wrote down some things (protection. Find enemies, and punish them!!!)

I then burned the sigil. Moved his candle and incense aside.

I was going to dismiss him but something was communicated (impressions) subtly to the effect of wanting to hang around while I called on Lucifer. “I want to see his light” or something along those lines popped into my head. It was kinda wierd.

I started reciting Lucifer’s enn and breathing air onto the sigils as I gazed at them.

The funniest thing happened.

My inflection in saying the enn completely changed.

Normally I recite it with a heavier lower recitation and pronouncing it like it was latin with a bit of a droning.

But I started to speak it more softly, and lightly and pronouncing it like it was English.

This actually made me pause.


I’d stop and start again and it would keep happening. Holy. Shit.

While I didn’t get any huge sense of Lucifer’s presence, what I did get was a sort of aloof and enigmatic vibe. I didn’t know what to make of this, but pressed on.

I made my case and outlined what I was asking for.

I got the impression that by not having some incense for Lucifer I may have committed a bit of a faux pas (as the others had incense).

I was given the impression to grab the rose incense I have on hand…

Went to get it and it changed to jasmine being wanted. Very well.

I pricked my finger and blooded the incense quite a bit.

I then proceeded to blood the sigils a good bit.

I was given the impression of light shining down on the person I was helping. I drew this out on the page, rays of light with the target at the bottom of the page.

I then fumigated the sigils with the incense before finally saying a thank you and burning the page.

Before I burned it, it was brought to my attention that I’d need to put a post in the thank you thread. I kinda felt like I was being told I hadn’t properly thanked spirits in previous endeavors and that I need to be more mindful of doing so or something.

I dismissed marbas.

In dismissing andromalius it was clear he was very eager to get to work like someone who was rushing out the door.

I basically called it a night after that.

This last Saturday I made a small offering of rum, heart chocolates and red tealights to Pomba Gira. I’d missed Friday. (Not mandatory or anything, but more of a courtesy and relationship building I guess) No further developments on that front though.

I’m not sure how far I need to go or take it with that, and I have other pokers in the fire I gotta look at. So …:woman_shrugging::thinking: We’ll see I guess.

When I’d been looking at candy and chocolates to pick some out I started to feel a heavy feeling of presence and actually started to get somewhat nauseous. I quickly picked some chocolate and moved on. Lol

Yesterday I tried to invoke P Orobas but kept getting an odd impression like he was resisting it or wasn’t really game for it.

Prince Orobas:

Not sure what that was about but I kinda felt like since I was at work he didn’t appreciate that for some reason. Despite that I did get some impressions that the invocation was mildly successful.

Later that day I went to a place for lunch and while standing in line got some vague impressions and noted with amusement that the guy at the register was giving me some funny looks.

I don’t know what I was doing or looked like but he didn’t seem to like it. Lol


I forgot to add that in dismissing Andromalius I was definitely told something to likes of "We WILL meet again…" Which came with a sense of a sort of amusement.

The way you might expect a cocky rogueish character to say it…

Edit 2:

Goddamn, seems I’m forgetful.

Last night before bed I was scrolling through my images and this blew my mind.

Should be Andromalius’ sigil (nope I take it back, upon further inspection I can see part of one of Lucifers sigils in the second image) and sheet of paper:

Maybe I’m crazy, but to me (especially when you see it in the thumbnail) it looks like the crispy portion of the paper forms a face looking upward in some fashion…unreal.

Ave Lucifer

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Sat Jan 22 '22:

(Previous draft didnt make it. Here we go again…)

(Had some synchronicities about the nature of experience that I can’t help but think is some kind of lucifuge gnosis…)

Last two nights ive missed the “nightly prayer”, and as yet haven’t done this week’s invocation.

Guess Lucifuge’s gonna get a big make up offering in addition to his candle for sat.

Last night after midnight I made a small offering to Pomba Gira.

Three red tealights, three dove (heart shaped :heart:) chocolates, and dried rose petals I got from the mercado in a whiskey glass.

(Funny note about the chocolate: my understanding is that pomba gira means something along the lines of “turning dove(s)”

This time I was pulled to put vodka in the glass over the chocolate and rose petals.

I had rum which is more the usual thing to give, but this was naysayed was what I felt. Ok

I could tell tobacco was wanted, I (wordlessly) negotiated to smoke one for her today at some point after dark (kinda feels like the preferred thing to do would be to smoke it in a cemetery…but that may just be me…).

Within the glass I also placed a “female trident” I had fashioned out of twisted copper wire. The wire I had gotten some time back from something that would’ve otherwise been thrown away.

I also played one of her pontos (song).

In quimbanda, and other African Traditional Religions (ATR), ferramentas are used. Typically placed in a nganga. These are points of interaction for the spirits sort of like energetic/spiritual lightning rods.


I can’t help but be reminded a bit of the trishul and how it’s used in Hinduism just a bit.


It’s funny that there’s all the urns in the background of that first video. I had been looking at tea urns earlier in the day before I found/watched it, and found out you can actually buy “keepsake urns” on Amazon.
(Related to something I’ve been looking at or working on in the background) so that honestly felt like a bit of a synchronicity.

Some advantages would be, they’re made of metal, and they have screw on lids. If you knock them over by accident (or a pet does) nothing’s gonna break or spill. If you’re in “the broom closet” you can pass them off as remains of a relative or pet and keep them out in the open (assuming you don’t have enough to look rather odd. Lol)


The second video brings up some interesting points.

Particularly the part about ngangas being used to connect with past selves and whatnot. I’d like to know more about this…

Another point of interest, is the talk of Exu Laroye and the four corners. The back of the neck.

Which is also alluded to in this video vvvv

Something that occurred to me today in putting this together is that my various experiences in 2020 we ith spiritual presences on my back while I was in different states of lucid sleep may very much be related to this.

Also, I wonder if the more “chaotic” (harsh might be a better term in so much as these were not comfortable energies) or fiery energies I experienced would qualify these as “hot spirits” that I experienced. I dunno.

Something else…oh yeah,
I heard something somewhere (might’ve been one of the videos above) about a person’s personal pomba giras (and/or exus) are spirits that answer under the title of that pomba gira. In effect, that pomba gira is a mask that denotes the type of energy, etc of ones personal pomba gira.

Since I had that dream about maria padilha, it follows that maria padilha typifies the nature of what would be my personal pomba gira…so I guess I should further research on that.

Still don’t know where this is all going but I can see where some of the threads are aligning…

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Jan 24 '22 Mon:

Finally activated The Exiled Key the other night.

I gazed into it and proceeded to chant the song of the primordial beasts 108 times on my mala:
“Nar’resha Var Kuva Harsha, Ramptah, Ramptah, Ramptah…”

(It’s tempting to make a practice of this for awhile…)

While gazing at it I seemed to see various faces, one birdlike, another somewhat “alien” (and somewhat skull-like), and others…

At one point I saw a strange black wavy, misty, substance that seemed to both be exuded and drawn in to the sigil.

Finally I added my own essence to the sigil to complete activation.

I’m very interested in using it in the charging of things in particular…

Recompense has been made.

Though, I still managed to forget the invocation for last week. (I feel like some personal block is coming into play here for some reason…)

I’ll have to double up this week, or just do more period.

This is week three, day 2. A little over a third of the way there.

Last night I finally acquiesced to the repeated pull of a spirit, but no more can be said on this. I note it though.

I had the exiled key out pinned to the wall above my bed as I slept.

Seems like I had some pretty strange dreams.

One I was on the run with a woman and a girl. We were running from some dark entity or force that seemed to time travel.

At one point the girl disappeared in a flash apparently being zapped to the future…

I then dreamt of being in front of an electronic keyboard that I was messing with.

At one point aperson came up and turned on the sustain pedal and suddenly every note sounded like part of a greater symphony and I started making some good music where before it was falling kinda flat.

This morning I seemed to have a lot of mental content stirring and some of it seemed to center on revenge against people in my youth. Felt like something was poking at my unconscious baggage…

I was at the store earlier today and was perusing the valentine’s day stuff.

I don’t care about the holiday, but I’ve noticed in pictures online that offerings to Pomba Gira are often placed in things that look a lot like Valentine’s day decor which probably has more to do with the types of love magic she’s often called on for (man I just got the craziest sense of Deja Vu just now, like I’ve typed some of this before…come to think of it I had a strong sense of deja Vu about something the other day as well…I think it might be been in relation to the exiled key…).

I thought it might be fun to get some goofy valentine’s wineglasses or whatever but didn’t see anything of interest.

Now, tbh I’ve kind of been having some doubt about the whole thing. Am I blowing the dream I had out of proportion and just going down an unnecessary rabbit hole?

While I was perusing the radio was going in the background and the radio dj was doing an adspot.

But it got weird because I heard him say “Pomba Gira’s House” clear as day. Clear. As. Day.

Not something I heard in my mind. Actually spoken. On the radio. (Granted, I know there’s no way that was what was said, but that is most certainly what I heard. Kinda like some elaborate auditory hallucination? Hot damn, it was actually kinda eerie).

Sat night I smoked the cigar for pomba gira as I’d previously agreed to do. I washed the copper wire trident I had made and put in her Friday offering glass, and blew the smoke on it until I finished the cigar.

Circling back to invocations…

I was contemplating Bifrons.

I’ve been dealing with a lot of death themes for a few months as and feel like he’s a good spirit to go with…

Also, MONEY.

Kinda want to invoke Mammon

We will see.