Path working with Serphanticon. Duke under Belial

Serphanticon is a duke under Belial and a very good teacher so far. He was sent to me from Belial because I didn’t show enough commitment to fully work and concentrate on him. So now im here.

All the info was channeled by me in ritual.


Enn: sers aka serphaticon.

Ritual 1:

His enn: sers aka Serphanticon.

The second I did this he showed me pyromancy his pyromancy.

Some quotes or sayings I got from him:
" you influenced my form, but I influenced your mind to be me". I see this as I create him, but he influences the creation of the mind to be himself.

All his heads are him, but not at the same time. All his heads are connected but have individual minds. His heads are like trials, I have to master commitment to speak to his next head.

His appearance:
He introduced himself by ripping half my face off with his bony head. I didn’t flinch to show fear, and he tested me a bit farther. I didn’t fold and he calmed down and decided to answer questions. He had a huge tooth on his upper jaw, it was one singular tooth that stuck forward. His bottom jaw fit comfortably under his upper jaw. He had huge spike-like teeth. His entire head was bony but on the way down his neck his scaled looked malted and decomposed, all the way down till the scales looked brand new.

What he can do:
Serphanticon’s first head has power over divination, he can alter readings. He altered mine at the beginning. I asked if he will show when I do the ritual, the cards, and no. I did it anyway and poof, he showed. This leads on to testing commitment. He likes to teach commitment and will test you often. He is also a pyromancer. He lit one of my incense on fire completely. He also attracts snakes.

The final question I had was:

Q: Why did Belial send you to me?

A: you lacked the commitment to go any further with Belial, that’s why I am here. I will teach you how to commit and go all in.

That’s all I was able to get out of him before he dismissed himself I thanked him generously and left the ritual. I am so fucking happy! This worked completely in my favor and I need to start listening. Thank you serphanticon, thank you eternally.

Ritual 2:

Serphanticon: commit but never overcommit.

Me: what incense do you like?

Serphanticon: dragons blood and frankincense

Me: where should I start?

Serphantion: start looking into defense. Always plan ahead, and only call me when prepared. Don’t force it and don’t mentally drain yourself. Bring your all or don’t show up at all.

Ritual 3: I prepared questions this time.

Q: Why did you show yourself so violently in my dreams?
A: I took some of your fears and some of your liking and overhauled them to grab your attention.

Q: What does your name mean?
A: serpent, phantom, conclusion. That is also the three themes of my heads.

Q: What is your connection to divinity
A: that is the phantom head, it deals with these likings.

Q: What is your connection with Belial? How did you become aligned with him?
A: he chose me for my challenge. Belial likes a good challenge. Also To test people like you. But anyone is free to take the trial.

Q: What do I need to focus on?
A: defense! I will not task you with anything else until you complete your current.

Q: What can you tell me about altered states of mind?
A: you should already know some because you’re currently in one, but phantom can take you further amd help with deeper understanding.

Ok serphanticon, any last things to add?
A: you have shown me great progress, but you still have work to do. You will be meeting phantom soon.

I closed the ritual and dismissed serphanticon, thanking him for showing and answering its questions.




Ok so I some things got I’m the way and that’s why my post is delayed by a lot.

To start I was just randomly meditating, i fell into trance and decided to call serphanticon. I recently sacrificed something that has been distracting me and pulling away from the work. He showed up immediately when called. The fastest any spirit has ever shown. The first words he said was well done. Like he expected me to be here. Next, I thank him and asked “How close am I to meeting the next head phantom?” He replied with strong words saying “very soon”.

After that I got curious, I asked serphanticon to touch my hand and let me feel him. I reached out and opened my hand. The next thing I feel is the weight of an object. I closed my hand and felt around, it was some sort of weapon. It took me a bit to identify the weapon. It was a double edge blade, it’s appeance is odd. The right blade was Smooth and really fine looking, the left end looked like a rough serated orc like blade. The double blade felt strong and I asked him what’s this? He responded with “a gift”. I asked him what he called it and named it “ven” Or “vein” his pronunciation was hard to understand. I thanked him for the gift and thanked him.

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what can you use the gift for?

I have no idea yet lol. I will end up asking next ritual, because other than it looking cool I can’t really use it.

I have an odd update. While I was working on getting into trance I fell deeper than I ever have. I ended losing feeling in my legs and my back. A short time after I lost feeling, I went so far that I couldn’t tell I was meditating any more. It was just my thoughts. I ended up reaching a point where I fell so deep I hit a gateway (not exactly that, that’s is just what it felt like.). While infront of the gate I had a choice to make, fall completely or stay here. I’ve felt this before, with belial. He was teaching me how to let go completely. I couldn’t do it because I got so anxious, i would stand up and close the ritual. This time I sat through it and made the choice. I chose to stay here and continue the ritual. One thing to note was serpent didn’t show at all, I just remember seeing an odd image of a different form he chose. The gateway area reminds me of the crossroads Ea koeting talked about in a couple of his videos. I soon felt like I needed to ask something, so I asked “is this phantom?” And I had the worst chills ever. The chills pulsed through my body several times as if a mass of energy just phased trough me. Right after that happened I heard a odd click in the background of the room. This immediately pulled me out of the blissfull state. I looked around and nothing has seemed to fall or be misplaced. I soon realized that I’ve been meditating for a good 30m or more. I closed the ritual and asked to continue this the next night. All my feeling came back as I burned the sigil and blew out the candle. I wrote down in my journal than had a look around with some light. I couldn’t find anything out of place, so I’m assuming a candle flickerrd so hard it made a cracking sound. This concludes the ritual for tonight, I don’t know what to think of it. Maybe I need to pass over the the other side of this gate. I am starting to think I haven’t fully gotten over my fear of loosing myself if I get to far. Like I’m afrwad to slip the leash of reality and run off, because I may never find my way back.

If anyone reading this has a similar experience while meditating, let me know what happened once you let go completely. Did you actually disconnect from your whole being? I have this idea in my head that once I disconnect I will open my eyes somewhere else.

Ok so I’m absolutely bamboozled right now. I have passed on to the second head phantom. I met him today. He also wiped my memory of the fucking ritual… Great! Now I can share it! Lol. He is hands down the weirdest spirit I’ve had contact with. He needed access to my thoughts to speak so I gave it to him. He literally pulled MEMORIES up to speak with me. I would ask a question and he would bring up a cutscene I saw in a game as the answer. He would mostly talk with radio chats. Its so amazing and complicated. I just wish I can remember what we talked about😭

So what I can remeber is the room getting dark and the candles dimming. I head two chirps in my left ear and boom. I fell and that was it. I checked my journal and all I wrote down was the room getting dark. After that nothing. I think I remember him telling me that next ritual is when we actually start. Oh boy am I in for a wild trip.