Path to get rid parasites

Hello guys, I’m going to start a journal about me getting rid of imposters and parasites and all other things.


I started with a kabbalistic cross. After that I did a 6 directions lbrp mixed with lbrh in so 2 circles in “1”circle. After that I did sbrp and then 12 pentagram and hexagram circle with the planets of the tree of life. After that one I did a 14 pentagram and hexagram of the zodiacs. Did also a Pluto circle and then invoked everything I banished. I closed it with a rosy cross and kabalistic cross. With little help of a post I know now how to put intent into these parasites to protect me, the garden or the house. I’ve put up a mirror shield. I also started dry fasting.

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I know this was my suggestion and it’s a think I do. Just be very careful: I have trained my body to handle fasting for the last 20 years very easily, but if you are not metabolically flexible, as most people are not, it’s a good idea to work up to it slowly. It does clear you of parasites physical and emotional, ime, but do it under control, with understanding, so read up about it first.


I have a problem that i sit, stand etc. On people. If any I did that to any of you sorry.

Listened a little bit to Ruqya earlier today. Ruqya is Islamic.

I’ve done a zodiac lbrp with lbrh mixed. Called on in the South Molech and El in the West Baal and Yahweh in the North Hadad and Elyon, East Yam and Asherah,Below Mot and Eshmun, Above kothar and El-Elyon and Mid Chemosh.

After that I’ve done a banishing of only the leo sign using 12(+above and below) pentagrams and hexagrams. Called on some new Arch Angels of the Behenian fixed stars these are the names:

  1. Astaniel
  2. Asgasal
  3. Ammahyn
  4. Brihanical
  5. Murmidiel
  6. Muranthimael
  7. Perchamariel
  8. Hamidigal
  9. Rincama
  10. Zubethiel
  11. Rimaniel
  12. Barthimael.
  13. Naximaniel.
  14. Hantijmidyn.
  15. Gamarthiel.

Coughed a little after calling upon them.

Idk if I have still parasites btw. Can someone check please.

What are your results?

You’re depressed and thought people were talking to you in your head telling you your favourite models were being astrally molested… I mean, are you feeling better and lighter, and have the fake voices stopped? If not, then you didn’t get rid of them.

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I’m fine exactly. I think I’ve done it. I think I’m going just use this thread to post progress and what a daily do. But still scared that they will return. Caused a lot of problems…

That’s a risk we all handle every day as magickians. Keep your spiritual hygiene updated the same way you keep your physical body clean and you will at least notice when something is not right. :slight_smile: :+1:

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